A quality European rail equipment partnership

18 December 2018

TBM deals with many suppliers so we can support operators across the transport industry. One is Bavarian-based CAPTRON, a manufacturer of high-quality capacitive sensor switches and optical sensor equipment.

Despite the ongoing Brexit shenanigans, we’re looking forward to a long-term partnership. Whatever happens to the European negotiations, sensor products that work every time - and last - will always be in demand. So we’re sticking with a company we trust, and enjoy working with.  

CAPTRON celebrated their 35th birthday in 2018. They have around 130 employees based at three locations. They produce innovative solutions that enhance human-machine interaction.

For TBM, alongside sensors that will help train operators gauge fill levels in toilet storage tanks, our main focus has been on door sensor switches – reliable devices for public transport doors that are opened and closed thousands of times each day.

We visited their outstanding research and production HQ in Olching, Bavaria, in mid-2017. What struck us was the organisation, attention to detail and the sheer quality of everything CAPTRON produced. 

We knew straight away it was an organisation we wanted to deal with and represent in the UK. Recently, we even joined CAPTRON on their stand at the InnoTrans Expo in Berlin.

Train, bus and coach door sensors

As you walk through train carriages, access the toilet, or get onto a bus, there’s a good chance you’ll be pushing a CAPTRON sensor. Some you hardly need to touch.

CAPTRON have developed these door sensors since 1994. As they put it, their electronic switches are needed where “unconditional reliability, durability, comfort and design” is required. They have to work, every time!

One of the TBM projects has involved a UK-based manufacturer of bespoke buses and coaches. They wanted reliable door entry sensors to make sure that their passengers never had problems hopping on and off services.

The buses have been fitted with the new CAPTRON devices. They look good and do exactly what they are intended for – opening doors EVERY time they are operated.

We think they like them. Each time a new project is commissioned, they call us asking to supply more door sensor switches.

Door sensors tested to destruction!

Something everyone at TBM has enjoyed is the entertaining videos that CAPTRON has produced to showcase the durability of the sensor products.

They needed to show how their equipment could withstand the toughest conditions. They also wanted to inform - and entertain.

We think they achieved that - with interest.

So far we’ve seen CAPTRON sensors dunked in hot water, set on fire, blown up, deep fired and exposed to angle grinders, blow torches and acid. They don’t mess about.

But guess what? These sensors work even after stress testing that would see most products crumble. Here’s an example: the explosion (don’t try this at home).

CAPTRON SENSORswitch Stress-Test 2.0 - Explosion_en from CAPTRON Electronic GmbH on Vimeo.


We don’t offer and supply products unless we believe in them. Crucially, we love the James Bond style case that houses a set of demonstration switches.

If you’re about to cost a new project, or plan to refurbish an existing fleet with the latest sensor technology, get in touch. We’ll even let you see our top-secret case!

Call our team on 0844 800 8577 or email [email protected]

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