Empowering employees and growing the business

06 December 2017

Giving employees the key skills to help them develop is sure to keep them engaged, but there are also important benefits to the business as new possibilities open up. Meet Jason from TBM…


TBM has always looked to empower the people who work with us. Learning the basic skills to fulfil ongoing orders is one thing, but equipping them to play a greater role in the development of the organisation will see the whole company grow.

Equipping staff with key skills

This month, Jason was handed the keys to one of the TBM vans. We put him through the driving course that now enables him to operate our mid-size vehicles with a trailer. He passed with flying colours and adds to the pool of drivers that TBM can rely upon to collect essential parts, transport equipment and deliver customer orders all over the country.

Adding to employee skill sets is only part of it. Ensuring that the people who work within the organisation are safe and properly qualified is peace of mind for colleagues; clients can also be reassured that those handling their products and visiting their premises have the necessary documentation in place. That’s good business.

For TBM, with seat cover orders in progress for train and bus operators all over the UK, having sufficient driver cover to keep those just-in-time rotations running smoothly is essential. With Jason now qualified, other areas of the business can also be supported.

Keeping customers smiling

Whether it’s getting other employees on site at rail depots, transporting the heavy toilet tank cleaning equipment, or delivering USB sockets, grab handles freshly coated with Nylon R-AG, or the CAPTRON door sensor demonstration kit, TBM has additional capacity to keep customers smiling.

We never consider training courses, certificates or refresher sessions a cost to the business; they are a benefit, always improving what we can offer to bus and train transport operators. So well done to Jason… the first of many qualifications he will earn during his time at TBM.

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