TBM Rail’s FREE assessment of train toilet tanks

07 February 2018

With train ticket prices rising and regularly grabbing the headlines, the last thing Train Operating Companies (TOCs) need is bad press about the state of the fleet’s toilets. TBM Rail offers FREE assessments of tanks and piping to help operators formulate future maintenance schedules that improve the performance of essential facilities for passengers.  

When trains enter service the equipment is new and efficient. There can be less focus on non-essential maintenance unless something critical occurs. Although there is a commitment to keep stock looking good and operating to high standards, cleaning toilet tanks and pipe work may be less of a priority.

A good example of an operator being proactive on this issue is Hitachi. In January, TBM Rail was invited to visit their Ashford depot to assess their Class 395 Javelin unit for Southeastern Rail. Though the trains are 10 years old now, they are still scoring highly for reliability and passenger satisfaction. The strict regime at Ashford will keep the stock running well for many more years to come.


Keeping train toilet systems working

One of TBM Rail’s core activities is the maintenance of train toilet systems. Over time, pipes that connect to the tank can become blocked and the result can be toilet closures. Paper tissues, nappies, food containers – TBM Rail technicians have seen it all.

TBM Rail services tanks at our Crewe base (Cheshire) or at operators’ depots around the UK. We have bowser storage units to empty tanks if required, before our cleaning systems blast rail-approved acids through the tanks and pipes.

The full FREE assessment of tanks, pipes and the overall system allows the TBM Rail technicians to make the appropriate recommendations based on specific findings. There is a complete inspection of pipes and tank using camera probes, so the investigation is completed without having to remove the unit. TOCs get bespoke report and detailed recommendations.


Increasingly, TOCs are incorporating toilet tank and pipe cleaning into the VMI to ensure that systems keep working efficiently for passengers. Recently, data gathered from one depot showed that some toilets were operating at around 43% efficiency before servicing. They delivered 97% efficiency in the period after thorough cleaning had been completed.

TBM Rail’s services help keep passenger comfort standards as high as possible. We recommend flushing through systems at least every 18 months, although some clients adopt a 12-month cycle to achieve even higher availability times.

Please call 0844 8008577 to discuss your train toilet tank requirements, or email [email protected]

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