TBM and Biomaster fighting germs

09 October 2018

Nobody likes dirty surfaces, especially when you are travelling. Public transport can be a breeding ground for bacteria because so many bodies pass through rail and coach carriages each day. With the right antimicrobial additives, Nylon R-AG coatings can help stop the spread of disease…

TBM is working with Stafford-based Addmaster to make a real difference to how we all get from A to B. When you catch a train or coach you should be able to do that with confidence, and not worry about the spread of disease if you touch surfaces that are shared with other members of the public.

We’ve taken the tough Nylon R-AG coating for grab poles and other carriage fittings, and with the help of Addmaster’s Biomaster antimicrobial additive technology we’re hoping to fight back those germs! 


Do we worry too much about germs?

We all know about germs. We’ve had the subject drummed into us from childhood about keeping our hands clean, watching what we pick up and never licking our fingers. You know the kind of thing.

As adults, some of us are scared about getting infections, and some people wash their hands at every opportunity, while others are blasé and believe exposure to bacteria helps boost the immune system.

The right answer to the ongoing hygiene conundrum can probably be found somewhere in the middle. Take care, but you’ll never eliminate all germs.

That’s why we’re offering Nylon R-AG with antimicrobial additives to make a difference to some of the surfaces that get used most when we travel – handles, poles and rails.  

An antimicrobial additive can help to prevent the growth of microbes, such as bacteria and mould.

Dirty money!

It’s not just grab handles that worry people. The Express recently reported HERE that larger than expected levels of bacteria have been found on English bank notes and coins. There’s nothing surprising there, as the currency we use to buy stuff is handled by thousands of people each day.

However, what scientists uncovered did cause alarm. MRSA bacteria and listeria were found. The MRSA infection can, according to some research, lead to impetigo, food poisoning, boils and even toxic shock syndrome.

Back to trains and coaches; could similar bacteria exist on grab poles and handles?

It’s obvious that so many surfaces and pieces of equipment are potential breeding grounds for bacteria. In fact, that’s exactly what one of Addmaster’s new team members thought – check out their latest blog HERE and take a read. It’s great to see someone so passionate about their product so soon after joining the company.


Protecting passengers from harm

Perhaps the biggest worry is that we can’t pick and choose the germs we touch. As passengers, unless we wear gloves and other protective clothing, we have little control.

Until, that is, Addmaster’s research and development showed that it is possible to put antimicrobial additives into most materials. Making grab poles, handles and seat grips safer to touch is just the beginning for us.

The message should be that there is a more hygienic option out there. For train and coach fleet operators, any rail or grab pole refurbishment should now consider Nylon R-AG with Biomaster’s antimicrobial additives. It will give passengers additional peace of mind. 

We should all be able to catch a train or coach with confidence and not have to worry about picking up nasty germs when we hold on during our commute.

For further details about TBM’s passenger comfort services call us on 0844 800 8577.  

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