Freshwater tank cleaning for rail fleets

16 June 2019

TBM offers a range of cleaning and maintenance options for rail fleets, and keeping freshwater storage tanks clean, hygienic and in service is vital to deliver safe, quality facilities for passengers.

Freshwater tanks supply carriage washroom facilities, and also the catering cars on busy routes. That source has to be clean and fresh – at all times.

Each day thousands of paying customers rely on this supply. If tanks fail, or the water becomes dirty or contaminated in some way, that can cause major issues. The result: unhappy passengers!

Worse-case scenarios can see Legionella bacteria found in water supplies. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that operators adhere to strict temperature control when using and storing hot and cold water. They also recommend that operators should routinely check, inspect and clean systems.

TBM has the equipment, expertise and resources to support UK train franchises around the clock.  

TBM cleaning machinery direct to rail depots

The answer is regular, scheduled maintenance and cleaning. TBM does this for many types of storage tank, and now has an experienced network of technicians to support fleets up and down the country.

Unlike train toilet CET tanks, usually mounted below carriages, freshwater tanks are harder to reach, awkward to dismantle or replace. Cleaning needs to be completed in situ, at depots when trains are not in service.

That means a quick turnaround, something TBM can offer with its comprehensive range of industrial cleaning machines that are ready to travel at short notice.

We’ve just invested in more hardware to ensure that fleets can be fully supported as and when they need our services.

Don’t let freshwater tanks become contaminated  

Regular cleaning with approved solutions helps to keep freshwater tanks in service. Build-ups in the pipes are removed, tank walls and fittings are cleansed and surfaces protected.

We remove limescale, corrosion and other contaminations from closed-loop systems. Our cleaning equipment and processes are suitable for pipework, heat exchangers, coolers and radiators.

Our tank cleaning services are perfect for internal circuit systems, and there is no need to dismantle equipment. The TBM team arrives, transports the appropriate cleaning machines to the maintenance location, pipes are connected, and the freshwater tank cleaning process begins.

The cleaning solutions we use are all safe and certified for use across railway applications.  

If you’d like to know more, book an assessment or discuss availability of our freshwater tank cleaning machinery, get in touch.

Call us on 0844 800 8577, or email [email protected]

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