Investing in railway services

17 May 2017

Brexit, the General Election and unpredictable worldwide leaders all affect investment decisions, but TBM Rail is expanding with a range of new equipment that offers train operators valuable service options…

The UK railway industry is enjoying a resurgence. Stations, tracks and signalling are being upgraded, and there are major new projects on the horizon. For service companies like TBM Rail, it’s essential to keep pace, constantly innovating, and taking the right investment decisions to meet the growing needs of operators (TOCs).

We have provided train operating companies with essential services for nearly a decade. From innovative new products like handy slimline power points for carriages that come with USB slots, durable powder coatings for grab rails and complete seat overhauls, to the vital cleaning services for toilet systems and tanks that give paying bus, tram and rail customers the quality travelling conditions they deserve.

Over the last few months several significant rail and road initiatives have been proposed, officially announced, and even launched. Across the country the need for better, more efficient public transport systems has been identified and, thankfully, made a priority for the next decade and beyond. We are delighted to be part of this growing industry.


Continued investment in equipment

TBM Rail is ready for the ongoing growth in passenger numbers, having recently invested over £100,000 in bespoke cleaning systems designed to keep train and coach facilities open when they are needed. We’re talking toilets, the pipes and systems that connect them, and of course the storage tanks that must now accommodate increased waste from huge numbers of travellers and their needs!

From mobile storage tank trailers to powerful pipe cleaning systems, we can now service more toilet systems at our Cheshire base or across the UK at operators’ depots. That mobility and capacity to reach maintenance facilities that often do not have the equipment necessary to empty CET tanks (Controlled Emission Toilets) means quicker turnarounds for rail firms. Time is of the essence as operators seek to get rolling stock in service when and where it is needed.

A company you can trust


TBM Rail is fully licenced to empty and remove waste so that depots can operate smoothly. Our skilled technicians have a range of equipment to get pipes clean, remove the hazardous build-up of materials, and get systems working.

Investment in the right hardware is essential, and with it comes recruitment of additional personnel to help meet the requirements of TBM Rail’s customers across the railway network. We have offered our expertise to operators since 2009, and look forward to increasing the range of services we provide over the coming years…

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