Nylon coating that fights germs

31 May 2019

Partnerships lead to innovative new products, and that’s exactly what TBM has achieved recently with a nylon coating for grab poles that also fights germs to improve the passenger experience.

What started with a tough nylon coating has been complemented with antimicrobial additives that stop the spread of germs.

TBM already supplied the hard-wearing Nylon R-Ag from Omnikote to a range of operators up and down the country. It came in multiple colours to suit varied company liveries and resisted knocks, scratches and dents. It’s even great combating most graffiti.

We decided to go further. With the help of Addmaster from Stafford, the Nylon R-Ag coating now receives antimicrobial additives. This helps to prevent the growth of microbes, such as bacteria and mould, to keep surfaces safer for passengers.   

This winning combination is just one of many products and services that TBM offers to transport fleet operators to help them deliver better services to the travelling public.

Helping passengers hang on with confidence

Dirty seats, wet and muddy flooring and unsightly spills and stains on table tops are unsightly. They are all things that you might encounter in a train, bus or coach. Not because the operators don’t care, but because accidents happen.

You can do something about most of them. You can choose your seat, and find one that’s not had a coffee spilt over its cover, or had chocolate melted onto the headrest.

Tables are easily wiped, and you can pick your way through a muddy floor if it hasn’t been mopped.

Talk about grab poles and seat handles and there’s an obvious issue. When a train, bus or coach is moving, if there’s a sudden jolt the natural reaction is to reach for safety equipment to hold on.

That means clinging on to a grab pole or handle. It’s a piece of carriage furniture that’s handled thousands of times each day. Germs!

With the Nylon R-Ag offering from TBM that’s no longer a problem. Germs will not be passed on. The antimicrobial additives stop them in their tracks.  

Keeping passengers happy

The UK transport sector is going through a major change. Investment in infrastructure, timetabling alterations, price rises and environmental concerns are all impacting the daily commute.

Operators are under increasing pressure to deliver great services, on time and on budget.

TBM’s services can help, especially where it comes to passenger satisfaction. The twice-yearly surveys by the watchdog Transport Focus highlight what the public wants, what it’s unhappy about and what frustrates the people who use the UK’s rail, tram and bus services.

TBM offers Nylon R-Ag as part of the solution. A better product that lasts and gives passengers peace of mind.

If you’re planning a new fleet or have a refurbishment project about to go live, get in touch for further details about Nylon R-Ag and TBM’s other passenger comfort products and services.

Call us on 0844 800 8577 or email [email protected] for more information.  

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