Power to the (Train) People

14 October 2016

Nothing frustrates commuters like running out of power for those vital mobile phones, laptops and tablets, so TBM Rail’s easy-to-install slimline power sockets that incorporate a USB port give train operating companies (TOCs) the opportunity to keep their passengers’ business tools topped up…

Seeing countless rail travellers panicking on early morning train services convinced TBM Rail engineers that there had to be a better way of keeping devices juiced up. With so many passenger services packed during rush hour, finding a seat can be quite a challenge. But if you desperately need a power point you really can find yourself struggling to stay connected.

The lucky ones find a socket under one of the dining tables, but other daily rail users are forced to wait until they get into the office or return home. That’s hardly ideal when an important presentation needs to be completed, or if you are waiting for an update by email or text.

The problem isn’t entirely down to the train operators, as older rolling stock isn’t easily upgraded. With three-pin sockets, the depth of the fitting is very important. Many train carriages can’t accommodate the hardware and associated wiring to have new plugs added throughout the passenger seating areas.

Here’s where TBM Rail can help most train franchises that run services around the UK. With a back-box depth of just 25mm, our socket can be added to most of the rolling stock currently deployed across Great Britain’s rail network.

For the technically minded, the charging socket is a standard 13A plug fitting that comes with a handy 1.2A USB slot in one, easy-fit unit. The socket is EN tested, EMC approved and fully compliant with BS1363. And for maintenance teams tasked with upgrading existing carriage sockets, with TBM Rail’s sleek fitting there is no need for additional wiring.

For those power-hungry commuters, what this means is that two devices can be charged simultaneously. Moreover, the USB option allows users to leave that bulky three-pin connector at home and utilise just the universal USB socket.

TBM Rail’s innovative charging solution has recently been rolled out to Hull Trains’ first-class carriages. But it’s not only the premium ticket holders that will benefit. The fleet that serves destinations like Doncaster, Grantham, Stevenage and London Kings Cross is also upgrading its standard class accommodation with the convenient charge points that will ensure rail passengers remain powered up right through to the capital.

If you manage one of the UK’s train fleets, get in touch now for details about our handy sockets ahead of any refurbishment programme. Achieving better National Rail Passenger Survey scores is now a priority for TOCs, and working in partnership with TBM Rail can improve the passenger experience you offer.

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