Quick turnaround seat cleaning for trains

31 January 2019

As rail passenger satisfaction hits a ten-year low, operators need to ensure they get the basics right. Carriage facilities are important, and clean seats is something all franchises can deliver. 

TBM supports train operating companies (TOCs) across the UK rail network. For over a decade one of our core offerings has been seat cover cleaning. We have cleaned over 250,000 seat covers!  

The quality and cleanliness of seating is one of the first things passenger notice. They make choices about taking a seat based on its condition. A dirty seat means an unhappy traveller, possibly forced to remain standing during a journey.

While many TOCs now schedule seat cover cleaning for carriages, it is possible to get quick turnaround seat cleaning so that capacity is not affected.

Seat cover cleaning for trains

TBM can turnaround batches of seat covers within 48 hours. That involves stripping back covers, removing visible dirt and surface stains, blasting particles from the fabric, and then dry cleaning the covers before wrapping and returning to depots for refit.

While other essential maintenance routines are being completed, train seating can be refreshed, thoroughly cleaned and returned to service with days. 


TBM is also supporting TOCs to clean other carriage areas, such as our latest partnership with GWR and Hitachi on the new class 800 fleet.

The result: we can have teams available up and down the country and at our Cheshire depot to turn around train seating as and when it’s needed.

Keeping train carriages hygienic

With other concerns about hygiene and germs, getting seating deep-cleaned makes sense. TBM has the industrial dry clean machines to make that possible, using safe detergents that ensure covers are returned to operators looking good and smelling fresh.

There’s no easy way for TOCs to turnaround punctuality issues, timetable confusion and strike action. Those things take time. Seating, however, can be kept clean for passengers.

If you need more information about how TBM can help your fleet, email [email protected] or call 0844 800 8577 for further information.

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