Train carriage hand dryers - save money and cut waste

21 May 2018

For train operating companies (TOCs) looking to save money and reduce waste in their train carriage WC facilities, then hand dryers are a great solution says TBM Rail partner Sanitaryware Supplies.

Savings can be dramatic. A passenger bathroom averaging 200 uses a day would expect to spend anywhere between £750 - £1200 per year on paper towels. Compare that to running an efficient hand dryer; costs are just £60 a year.

Recent design modifications now mean there is a hand dryer suitable for virtually every setting - including rail carriage toilets.

The Rail Hand Dryer, developed by Sanitaryware Supplies Company in collaboration with Train Bits and More Ltd (TBM Rail) and Stream Hygiene, is the first and only hand dryer suitable for rolling stock applications.

It has been modified to run at 550w, half the power of the next lowest hand dryer on the market. This means it can operate efficiently, and independent of fluctuating power levels on-board trains.


The UKAS-accredited hand dryer has also been awarded the European Standard (EN) for emissions and immunity, and is designed to meet the needs of UK train operators.

The rail-compliant units are affordable. With hand dryers costing as little as £86 at Derbyshire-based Sanitaryware Supplies, the initial lower outlay for paper towel dispensers can be offset within the first couple of weeks.

The benefits don’t stop there. Swapping paper towels for a hand dryer means that a number of potential problems can be avoided - environmental issues with the constant flow of paper, toilet blockages and the requirement to dispose of used towels.

Hand dryers satisfy three key criteria that people look for in a public transport toilet: design, functionality and cleanliness.

Andy Dukelow, Director of Sanitaryware Supplies, commented on the new hand dryer: “The issues that come with hand towels in train toilets are frustrating and can cause major expenses for the companies concerned.

“If any public toilets close, it can be a serious problem. However, if train operators have to close toilets it can open up a whole host of issues. Less paper waste means less chance of the train toilet pipes and tanks blocking.

“The low wattage Rail Hand Dryer is the ultimate solution and will not only save money it will help the environment too.”

Neil Smith, TBM Rail director, agrees. He said: “There’s a real appetite from the public to cut down waste, from plastics to papers. The Rail Hand Dryer helps to keep washrooms tidy and has a positive effect on the environment.

“For the train operators, there are cost savings on several fronts. We know more than most how paper towels can lead to pipe and tank blockages. These dryers remove one of the key contributors to toilet shut downs. That’s great news for passengers.”

From 2019 all rail franchise holders will be required by the Department for Transport to operate trains with retention tanks, to be emptied in rail depots, as part of their contracts, by the end of the decade.

The use of hand dryers rather than paper towels in train toilets could reduce the risk of blockages and overflows within the tanks. 

To find out more about the range of high quality hand dryers and the unique Rail Hand Dryer available through TBM Rail, please call 0844 800 8577.

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