Seat Cover Maintenance

13 October 2017

Seat cover maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of train and bus seat covers makes sense. Regular cleaning keeps fabric looking good for passengers and lessens the need for costly renewals every few years.

TBM has cleaned over 125,000 seat covers since 2010 and continues to offer transport operators a quick, reliable and affordable way of maintaining high carriage standards.

Using the UK’s transport networks is increasingly popular, but the paying public now demands better levels of service. And they should, as ticket prices have risen considerably.

Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and bus/coach fleets must now offer the best possible travelling conditions to ensure that passengers continue to use their daily services. Operators compete for customers on busy routes, so providing the highest standards is now essential.

Adding seat cover cleaning to an ongoing maintenance schedule means that the appearance and condition of passenger seating doesn’t deteriorate.

A thorough cleaning process


The TBM seat cover cleaning progress ensures that passenger accommodation looks, feels and even smells great. We remove larger patches of dirt and items that have become attached to the fabric, blast loose dirt and grime with an air jet, then put the covers through our Renzacci dry-cleaning machines.

No dirty patches, no greasy stains and no dust.

Our safe and approved detergents work their magic and remove any remaining particles, kill germs and return the fabric very close to original colours - almost as good as new!

If you haven’t cleaned your seat covers for some time, it might be worth considering TBM’s other seat services. We can assess the condition of cushion foams, check the fire-proof membranes and clean other elements of the seating units, such as plastic panels.

Spares in stock!

TBM also offers transport operators a ‘float’ system where we stock additional supplies of seat covers to allow immediate swap-outs. This means that more of your seating can be kept in use for the public.

Passenger Surveys are also increasingly important. Keeping on top of your fleet’s seating will put a smile on customers faces. Everyone wins. 

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