Seat cover protection by TBM

31 August 2019

As well-established passenger comfort specialists, TBM offers rail companies a range of services to keep vehicles looking their best. We have now taken our seat cover protection services to new levels. 

TBM has partnered Fiber ProTector Norge AS to offer rail, coach and tram fleet operators an effective way to protect seat covers and carpets from unsightly spills and stains.

It prolongs the useful life of treated carpets and seat covers and reduces through life and direct maintenance costs.

The Fiber ProTector preventative maintenance solution TBM offers adds an invisible coating to individual seat cover and carpet fibres. This creates a breathable barrier that stops dirt, dust and fluids penetrating the material without changing look or feel. 

The products are Woolsafe approved and does not alter any original fire-technical properties. It meets the BS EN 45542-2 standard.   

An effective shield against oil and water-based stains is created. It makes daily vacuuming more effective and subsequently improves indoor air quality as more dirt particles are easily removed.

It also provides easy and environmentally friendly stain removal by using only warm water and a microfiber cloth to remove dried stains. Interim need for deep cleaning will on average be reduced by up to 75%.  

For high volumes of passenger traffic, this solution can add years to the life of seating and floor coverings. It keeps carriage furnishings looking good and makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Keep seating and carpets clean and hygienic

Coffee, fizzy drinks, red wine, melted chocolate and dirty shoes are the enemies of train seating. Not always intentional, accidents do happen. Unsightly spills that soak into fabrics and leave customers with a negative impression of the service they use.

Fiber ProTector applied to surfaces by TBM’s knowledgeable technicians stops spills in their tracks. Fluids literally roll off seat cover fabrics and carpets. Anything that remains can be easily wiped off.

There are other benefits, too. Fiber ProTector also helps reduce the damaging effects of Ultra Violet light that can quickly fade fabrics.

Crucially, Fiber ProTector helps to create a clean and hygienic environment as dirt particles cannot penetrate deep down. Daily cleaning will remove all traces of spills.

TBM’s complete seating service

TBM already cleans seat covers for TOCs across the UK. Large consignments come into the Crewe depot and we get covers assessed for damage, blasted clear of surface debris, dry-cleaned, then wrapped, packed and returned to customers’ depots ready for refit.

Our quick turnaround times ensure that operators keep vehicles in service longer.

What TBM now offers is a chance to add additional protection to seating. Regular washing and dry-cleaning helps to keep seat covers clean and hygienic, but it also wears the material.

With Fiber ProTector seat covers and carpets stay free of dirt and stains longer. Standard cleaning schedules will remove any debris repelled by the Fiber Protector solutions.

TBM will arrange a maintenance schedule to ensure that seat covers are returned for full dry-clean operations when required, and also to have the Fiber ProTector coating renewed. 

For a demonstration of how Fiber ProTector treatment can add resilience to your seat covers and carpets, call 0844 800 8577 or email [email protected]

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