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24 October 2017

What a year! It’s flown by, especially with some major announcements for the railway and transport sector. TBM is at the heart of many new projects, working alongside some of the most prominent fleet operators in the UK. Here’s a taste of life in and around the TBM Cheshire HQ over the last few weeks…

Greater seat cover cleaning capacity


We’ve been cleaning transport operators’ seat covers for nearly a decade. If you like statistics, TBM has cleaned over 125,000 seat covers since 2010 and continues to offer operators a quick, reliable and affordable way of maintaining high carriage standards. If you follow our website news page you’ll know that we have recently increased our range of dry-cleaning machinery and equipment. We can now cope with higher volumes of covers. This could be a great time to see what we can offer you!

Scheduled maintenance of train and bus seat covers makes sense, and more of our clients are increasing the swap-over frequency. The cleaning process keeps fabric looking good and will keep longer-term replacement costs down.

So, what do we do exactly? First, we remove the larger, visible patches of dirt and items that have become attached to the fabric. Then we blast loose dirt and grime with a powerful air jet, before putting the covers through our Renzacci dry-cleaning machines (pictured). We use safe and industry-approved detergents to remove any remaining particles, and kill germs. If you’d like to see some of the process in action, visit the website HERE where you’ll see a 30-second video that should put you in the picture. Then call us to see what we can offer your fleet.

RVE Expo 2017


We like a good exhibition and conference, and several members of the TBM team made it to the RVE 2017 Expo at Derby in early October. There were nearly 1000 rail professionals on hand discussing future products & services likely to impact upon the railway industry over the coming years. It’s great to see old rail colleagues, and meet some new ones and talk business. We met with the guys from Bio Circle (pictured with TBM’s Andy), our partner for toilet tank and pipe cleaning machinery. They also supply us with the acids we use in our cleaning processes. We even gave our pipe-cleaning machine a make-over before taking it to the event!


We now have an extensive range of machines to flush through piping, clean and empty tanks, and test toilet systems to ensure they are working properly. You probably saw news of us taking delivery of another “Bowser”… well, here it is (pictured with TBM’s Nigel), safe and sound in the TBM workshop ready to hit the road later this week.

And let’s not forget our amazing team of talented technicians at the Crewe base. They can take on any system, assess it, overhaul, refurbish and get them back to clients ready for use by passengers. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our toilet and tank cleaning services at our Cheshire HQ, or about our mobile units on location at your depot…

Are CAPTRON sensor switches indestructible?

We love CAPTRON’s range of sensor switches. Really, we do. A few months ago, we went over to Bavaria to check out their incredible factory. Spotless, efficient and set in fabulous surroundings. Wetook delivery of our own high-tech demo case that allows us to show how the switches are easily mounted, and how they operate through glass etc.

Recently we have been highlighting the clever videos that CAPTRON commissioned to showcase their seemingly indestructible products. They blast them, set them on fire, freeze them and hammer them. They still work! Check out this beauty HERE where the CAPTRON technician puts a switch in the deep fryer!

4VEP restoration project

Here’s an update on a project we became involved with back in the summer months. The Southern Electric Traction Group, based at Strawberry Hill (in London), have been working hard to restore a 4VEP unit (Gordon Pettitt no. 3417) to its former glory. The “slam-door” trains ended active service in 2005 when the fleet was withdrawn from the nation’s mainline tracks. There are many aspects of the restoration that are beyond the resources of the dedicated voluntary team, and that’s where TBM and several other railway-related organisations come in.

TBM has helped to deep-clean and restore the seat covers before the unit is put back together ready for re-launch by the preservation members. Some of the old seating was in a sorry state, so the team at TBM’s Crewe base had to work some magic to get the fabric looking as good as possible. When we returned the seat covers to the 4VEP project team, there was some great feedback.

Here’s what the @Gordon_3417 project account tweeted: “ (Well focussed) unwrapped goodies. Minions administered the hand-slap test; no dust! Thank you, @TBMRail!”

Another Tweeter called @0x47DF added: “This is literally the best, can't wait to see photos of a clean carriage on the 4VEP. Thank you @TBMRail”

Keep in touch – even more!

Don’t be a stranger, as there is NO excuse for missing out on what TBM is working on. We’re online, we Tweet most days (our Twitter name is @TBMRail) and we also update our LinkedIn profile regularly (search for Train Bits and More Ltd). We love talking about the clients we offer services to, the people we meet and the places we visit. So get involved and talk to us online…

That’s all for now.

If you’d like to chat to us about any of the above or have seat covers, toilet tank cleaning, power sockets or grab pole projects in mind for the New Year, please get in touch.

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