TBM Rail newsletter – February

23 February 2018

A growing workforce, servicing the latest high-speed trains for Hitachi and Great Western, plus TBM Rail’s FREE train toilet assessment offer. Read on…

New staff & great links with KPI

A growing business is a successful business. That’s the feeling at TBM in recent years, and it’s always great to involve other organisations that operate near your base. With an expanding seat cover cleaning facility at TBM’s Crewe depot, we have recently looked to Crewe headquartered recruitment consultants KPI. For info, they now have offices all over the Northwest of England.

With some of our passenger comfort services on short-to-medium terms, it’s never easy gauging what levels of staffing will be required. Ideally, you have a permanent workforce, but as any business will tell you that’s sometimes not realistic. So a flexible solution can be perfect. That’s what KPI have given us, and the two ladies that have recently joined the TBM team have been a credit to the agency. Hardworking, enthusiastic and a real asset to our core team. If ongoing contracts are extended we wouldn’t hesitate to offer them permanent roles.

TBM Rail on the fast tracks

Seeing new rolling stock enter the UK rail network is always exciting. That’s recently happened for Great Western, with a fleet of high-speed trainsets supplied by Hitachi. The Class 800 IET units entered passenger service last October, and the Hitachi service depots wasted no time scheduling regular maintenance sessions for the seating and passenger toilet systems.


A forward-thinking initiative, and great news for TBM Rail. We take delivery of around forty of their seat bases each night when trains have completed passenger journeys. Seat covers are removed, inspected, cleared of surface debris, then dry-cleaned using our industry-approved solutions. Then they are inspected, wrapped and packed, and returned to the client.

With so much new rolling stock planned for UK train operating companies over the next few years, we’re looking forward to supporting fleets all over the country. If you need more information about what we can offer, call us on 0844 8008577

FREE train toilet assessments

Everyone likes FREE, don’t they? One of TBM’s core services is overhauling, servicing and cleaning train and bus toilets systems – plus the connecting pipework and storage tanks. It’s a mucky job, but hey! Too often fleet operators just empty the toilets without realising that unwanted build ups will slowly but surely block the pipes. Eventually, that means the toilet facilities will auto-shut-off to passengers. Nobody wants that!

So we like to get out and about to demonstrate exactly what TBM’s extensive cleaning equipment can offer. We have a decade of experience examining toilet systems, and we love getting the hi-tech camera gear under the bonnet to give a comprehensive assessment of a client’s system. Then we can offer advice about future maintenance schedules, whether that’s at fleet depots around the country or back at our Crewe base. We have bowser tanks to empty systems in situ at remote locations, so we’re always able to provide a solution that gets rolling stock back in action for rail and bus passengers.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a FREE assessment of your passenger toilet tanks…

Boosting the future rail supply chain

Towards the end of 2017, representatives from TBM joined a range of manufacturers and suppliers at a Siemens-organised event at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) near Coventry. It’s a research and development facility that aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

The MTC helps companies grow, plan, develop and deliver new products and services – so more can be manufactured here in the UK. The long-term goal is establish sufficient partnerships within the UK supply chain so that forthcoming and future projects (such as HS2) can involve companies across Britain. It is hoped that a high percentage of parts and services will then come from UK-based firms.


The MTC is producing work-ready apprentices, helping businesses improve their performance, and you can even host conferences and events there. You can read more about our visit to the Manufacturing Technology Centre HERE.

Grab those poles!

And finally, on a lighter note… we love telling customers about the benefits of Nylon R-AG, the coating for carriage grab poles and grab handles that really lasts. Just before Christmas, with the TBM unit excited ahead of the festive shutdown, Nigel and Dave even knocked a tune out using samples from our partner Omnikote. If you haven’t seen the video, take a peep at this… TBM ELVES VIDEO 


Get in touch!

If you’d like any further information about what TBM Rail can offer your organisation, call 0844 800 8577 or email [email protected] today.

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