TBM cleans 250,000 seat covers

30 October 2018

Train Bits & More (TBM) is delighted to announce another milestone this month. We have now refurbished over 250,000 seat covers for UK train operators.

It all began nearly a decade ago when we began offering cost-effective solutions to the rail industry. We now deliver services that improve passenger comfort for increasing numbers of travellers on Britain’s network. 

With ticket prices rising, customers demand ever higher standards. TBM helps rail franchises to offer passengers better facilities that make journeys more enjoyable.

In recent years, train operators have partnered TBM to clean and refurbish seat covers so that carriage interiors remain clean and hygienic.  


Seat maintenance makes economic sense

By maintaining seats on older train stocks vehicles are kept in service longer, especially during peak demand.

However, ongoing investment in new carriages across the country’s railway lines has also seen operators incorporate cleaning schedules when fleets have been launched.

TBM director Neil Smith explains: “Train seat cover cleaning has been one of our core offerings for many years. To process one quarter of a million covers is quite an achievement.

“Cleaning older seat covers makes sense. It helps preserve the fabric and saves costly replacements.

“However, what we have seen over the last twelve months is train operators building seat cover cleaning into their weekly maintenance schedules from the start.

“Hitachi’s new fleet of class 800s that were launched just last year have set new standards. We have supported them from the day vehicles went into active service.

“That pro-active policy allows us to assess covers regularly, and not only keep them clean but also safe and hygienic.   

“Maintaining high standards has so many knock-on benefits. The carriages are kept well maintained and refurbishment costs are reduced.

“Customers get better facilities and that is reflected in passenger comfort surveys that are carried out every year. 

“Our cleaning technicians have extensive experience and can get seat covers thoroughly dry-cleaned and back into service for the operators before those busy morning trains enter service.”


Quick and cost effective

With a growing workforce at its Crewe base, and a range of industrial dry cleaning units on site, TBM can clean and process seats covers quickly and efficiently. Turnaround can be less than 48 hours.

TBM also maintains train toilet systems, provides grab poles, door sensors and slimline charging sockets to give passengers power for their mobile devices.  

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