TBM uses digital sign-off for assignments

29 March 2019

Keeping track of completed items while you work is never easy, especially with paper-based recording systems for assignments in challenging conditions. TBM has embraced digital, with a new APP designed to make on-the-job sign-off easy…

TBM provides value-added passenger comfort services to transport operators. Onsite at the Crewe HQ, or at depots across the UK, we overhaul toilet tanks, clean seat covers, refurbish passenger grab poles and rails, plus upgrade carriage fittings. This work needs to be logged, reported and confirmed to clients.

If you’ve lost one pen while trying to tick items off your checklist, you’ve probably lost fifty! And don’t mention those flimsy sheets of paper that flutter off in a breeze or drop behind cupboards - or pads that become soggy in the rain!

This is the 21st century, and we also like to think of the environment. So, TBM teamed up with Fat Badger Media to find a more appropriate solution for record keeping, capturing data and automatically updating clients.

TBM’s MyCheckBox

One of the issues raised by the TBM teams that support transport franchises concerns paperwork. Put simply, it adds time to any job. Most find it laborious, others struggle to get it right. Making it easier was always the main objective, but many other benefits emerged. Here are some:

  • Individual logins for employees shows which user completes each job
  • Different operators have varying requirements, so unique checklists appear  
  • Live data captured and reported to management
  • Online availability of route cards (a checklist of jobs to be completed)
  • New checks can be easily added
  • Photos of faults can be attached and sent to the customer
  • APP creates a PDF or Excel sheets (with the potential to link into other accounting systems) that is emailed to the TBM admin team and the client

The electronic record keeping is obvious, but knowing that a tick in a digital box is all that’s needed gives peace of mind to operatives. There’s an auto-save function, and staff just log in, check what needs to be done, complete actions, and then click send. Done.  

When Fat Badger Media developed its MyCheckBox APP, it became apparent that TBM could personalise it. Not only the branding but how some items appeared for its users. That was perfect.

Crucially, for the teams down at rail depots they can now devote time to DOING the tasks and not worrying about filing pieces of paper. They use the APP on mobiles, iPads, notebooks and laptops - and the digital checklist is always accessible and up-to-date in real time.

TBM’s MyCheckBox enables management to plan schedules, assess staffing requirements based on data from previous jobs, and it gives operatives reassurance that jobs have been properly signed off.

If you’re a transport operator that needs passenger comfort services from a trusted partner that can also offer up-to-date confirmation of work in progress and assignments completed, get in touch.

Call us on 0844 800 8577, or email [email protected] for details of how we can support your business with a range of quality passenger comfort services.    

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