Tough, long-lasting Nylon R-AG!

16 February 2017

Most train or bus journeys see passengers holding onto grab rails and handles of some description. Gone are the days of cold, grey metal fittings of yesteryear. Most forms of public transport now have internal parts coated to give additional comfort, and to improve the look and feel inside compartments. The operator’s colours are usually involved in the designs.

However, not all coatings are the same! TBM Rail has teamed up with Omnikote to provide durable Nylon R-AG coated parts to ensure that these essential travel components look great, last longer and save train operating companies money in the long run.


Polyester vs Nylon R-AG

It’s not a battle, but the outcome will always be the same: Nylon R-AG coated components are tougher than traditional polyester products. They resist scratches and knocks, last many years longer and help to reduce money spent on costly refurbishment projects every few years. With National Rail Passenger Survey data increasingly significant, how travellers rate their environment is very important.

Rail, bus, coach and tram environments are brutal. Bags, steel toe-cap boots, cases, rings, umbrellas and heavy shopping trolleys all impact on the grab rails, handles and panels that are installed to make the passenger experience more comfortable. The last thing travellers or transport operators want to see is damaged, scuffed and broken carriage fittings.

So why Nylon R-AG?

The Nylon R-AG coating system offered by TBM Rail to transport operators has been specifically developed to cope with high volume use in varied conditions and temperatures. The Nylon R-AG coated components are the most abrasion resistant decorative coverings on the market. Extensively tested, the coating has already been approved and deployed across the London Underground network.

The Nylon R-AG coating is ideal for use on new parts that are to be fitted to the latest carriages, but our technicians can also strip old polyester layers and recoat with a much tougher Nylon R-AG coat. This helps to keep refurbishment costs down, and it’s also kinder on the environment.

Here are some key Nylon R-AG features…

  • Coatings are available in almost any colour, including metallic shades
  • The abrasion resistance is approx. 14 times that of polyester-coated products
  • The Nylon R-AG coated components feel warm to the touch
  • Far superior resistance to chipping, scratching and even graffiti

Where have Nylon R-AG coated products been used?


TBM Rail will discuss the opportunities available to apply the Nylon R-AG coating process to any fixtures and fittings across the UK transport network, but here is a selection of solutions that have already been provided:

  • Stair handrails
  • Lighting columns and fittings
  • Footbridge rails
  • Seat grab handles
  • Support rails and poles inside carriages
  • Passenger seat arm supports

Nylon R-AG coated components are non-toxic, resist chemical and solvent spills, provide great thermal insulation, have a beautifully smooth surface, and they are manufactured from renewable resources.

Call TBM Rail NOW on 0844-800 8577 to discuss your new installations and refurbishment options…

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