Seat Cover Dry Cleaning

TBM Rail has recently moved into an exciting new business venture within the rail sector: Dry Cleaning Rail Passenger Seat Covers. We now offer a complete service for the systematic removal and cleaning of seat covers, and have won our first contract to perform this service for a major UK rail operator.

TBM Dry Cleaning Machine

The current industry process is to steam clean the seat covers on site, without removing them from the carriage. This approach has a number of inherent issues that mean it is not an ideal solution. The downsides of this traditional approach include:

  1. Dirt from the covers is forced through to the foam padding
  2. Heat and moisture from the steaming process damages the fire proof membrane
  3. Can leave an old musty smell within the cabin as the steaming process simply lifts any dirt and bacteria from the cover with the steam that will condense and re-attach to other surfaces.
  4. Does not dry the cover simply relies on temperature of air to allow the cover to dry naturally.

Dry cleaning the seat covers instead offers a number of advantages over the traditional industry process for seat cover cleaning. These include:

  1. Covers are completely removed from the seats exposing the foam for examination.
  2. During the dry cleaning process the covers are totally immersed in the dry cleaning solvent (perchloroethylene) to force out dirt, dust and bacteria.  
  3. Solvent used to clean the covers is then distilled and purified for re-use in the following cycle. Preventing any cross contamination from load to load.
  4. Dry to dry process with no distortion to shape or size of the cover.
  5. Covers can be refitted to the seat directly following the cleaning process.

To find out more about Rail Passenger Seat Cover Dry Cleaning, or any of our other products and services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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