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How to Streamline Servicing Requirements for Rolling Stock Toilet Facilities to Reduce Unnecessary Costs and Logistics

Since COVID, the demand for increased comfort, hygiene and safety levels from passengers has rightly gone up. Hand in hand with that, the juggle of managing multiple service providers for maintenance, repair and overhaul work is increasingly becoming a more complex task for rail operators. Why? Because it’s time-consuming, not easy to cost-control or plan […]

NEWS FLASH: Steam Cleaning Seat Covers is Not Really Cleaning Them!

There are lots of benefits to steam cleaning seat covers – it’s quick, cheap, eco-friendly, can be done in situ and there’s no need to use strong detergents or hazardous chemicals. BUT it has a major downside… It’s not really cleaning them! How come? Well, seat upholstery on trains has a fire protection coating. So […]

Sensors keep CET tanks flowing

Vehicles taken out of service and parked up at depots, plus pressure on already busy maintenance staff makes is hard to keep train toilet tanks serviced, but sensors keep CET tanks flowing.

Fleets can shine when services ramp up!

UK trains services were reduced further at the start of 2021 due to Covid-19 affecting demand, but the enforced downtime of rail vehicles means that fleets can shine when services do ramp up!

Operators should aim high in 2021

Most of 2020 has been a huge challenge for businesses across the world, but transport and rail services have been hit particularly hard. Operators should aim high in 2021 and raise standards further. What a year! As if there were not enough challenges hitting targets, keeping services running smoothly and maintaining passenger comfort, Covid 19 […]

Don’t leave CET tanks unattended!

Passenger numbers on trains have remained well below pre-Covid levels, so carriages have been taken out of service. However, to avoid hygiene issues it’s vital that you don’t leave CET tanks unattended! Here’s the worst case scenario: you leave a CET tank with unattended toilet waste inside while a carriage has been parked up at […]

TBM expands its services to fleet operators

TBM has grown steadily since 2010 to offer a diverse range of products and services to the UK Rail sector. The arrival of consultant Phil Brown will enable us to explore many new opportunities. Phil joins the TBM team and brings with him 30 years’ experience of automotive and rail. Phil has extensive knowledge of […]

Covid sewage tests highlight the need to clean

Recent Covid sewage tests highlight the need to clean train CET storage tanks regularly, as data shows many people with the virus are showing few or any symptoms. TBM has pushed for more regular and structured cleaning and maintenance of toilet storage tanks for many years. Each day, we see the dangerous waste that builds […]

Avoid sensor failure to keep toilets open

There’s nothing worse than finding a train toilet locked out because of damaged or aged sensor equipment. TBM has options so fleet operators can avoid failures to keep toilets open… There’s an ongoing battle to keep rail passenger washroom facilities not only clean and hygienic, but available for use and working efficiently. On board toilets […]