Entries by Jules Hornbrook

Seat cover cleaning capacity

Keeping train seat covers fabric clean for train operators has been part of TBM’s portfolio of services for over a decade. Investment in new dry cleaning machinery means increased seat cover cleaning capacity . We always look to improve what we offer. The train franchises have enough to deal with, so providing efficient services that […]

Passenger experience will be judged

The surprise but not totally unexpected operation and funding changes to the UK rail franchise system throws up more questions than answers but be in no doubt that the passenger experience will be judged. Rail passenger numbers are low and that has hit fleet operators hard. Revenues are significantly down, and the government advice to […]

CET tanks must be maintained

Covid 19 has shaken the global economy and made passengers think twice about using public transport. Hygiene is a priority, and CET tanks must be maintained to restore confidence!

All seats are a priority

Floors, toilets and washrooms are all the focus of cleaning regimes, but is seat cover cleanliness taken seriously enough? We think that all seats are a priority. As people and companies adapt to the challenges thrown up by coronavirus, everyone is assessing how they live, work and travel. How we protect ourselves from unseen attackers […]

Train carriage hygiene from TBM

The Covid-19 pandemic has focused minds and convinced everyone connected with the railways that passenger comfort and safety should be top priority. Carriage hygiene from TBM is driving change.

The complete CET tank service

Keeping train toilets operational is vital for passenger comfort. TBM provides the complete CET tank service to maintain availability, promote good hygiene and save longer-term repair and refit costs.

Toilet tank servicing is essential

What a year 2020 has been, especially for train operating companies and their passengers. Almost zero service back in early April, a reduced schedule and then a return to action but with everyone wearing masks. Just don’t forget the toilet tanks!

Rail fleet services you can trust

What a year it’s been! From Brexit to coronavirus, the rail industry has been tested to the max. One thing for sure, after 10 years we’re still here helping fleet operators deliver better services for passengers.