Avoid sensor failure to keep toilets open

There’s nothing worse than finding a train toilet locked out because of damaged or aged sensor equipment. TBM has options so fleet operators can avoid failures to keep toilets open…

There’s an ongoing battle to keep rail passenger washroom facilities not only clean and hygienic, but available for use and working efficiently.

On board toilets are monitored using sensors to gauge the levels of waste that tanks are carrying. Inevitably, because large volumes of material are flushed down train toilets, sensors and other parts of the system can be damaged or obstructed.

This is especially true if CET tanks and connected pipework and sensors are not included in thorough maintenance schedules. You just can’t leave it until things fail.

The result is locked toilet doors when the sensors fail or they report blockages that could have been avoided.

Worse still, with Covid concerns about human waste sitting in tanks for long periods, there are additional health worries.

Float sensors block without maintenance

TBM supports fleet operators across the UK rail network. We offer a range of servicing and maintenance packages that help to keep CET tanks and toilet systems operational.

During Covid times, it’s essential that the reduced passenger numbers are offered the best possible comfort when they travel. It’s the ideal time to get things right.

Each time we assess the systems that keep toilets operational the wear and tear is plain to see. Often, float sensors are prone to failure if neglected.

Tissue and congealed waste wraps around the sensor and causes parts to fail. They can report “full” tanks when this is not the case.

Ultimately, the system shuts down and leaves train toilet doors closed whether the CET tank is full or not.

Quality sensor equipment is available

TBM now offers a range of quality sensors to monitor and control toilet tanks and the associated systems to keep them working. They come in stainless steel housings that are tough, robust and capable of working in the harshest environments.

Crucially, these sensors measure actual levels, not just when systems and tanks get full. Maintenance teams are given advance warning so that tanks can be emptied and serviced.

These reliable sensors can also be retrofitted to existing systems, so no need for costly replacements of tanks and other washroom parts.

CET tanks still get the full treatment from skilled TBM operatives. We use industry approved cleaning solutions. More reliable sensor parts means the chance of keeping train washroom facilities available more often increases considerably.

Our skills technicians always assess components and replace essential parts if required. Then we test, again and again, the electrics and valves. It’s all part of the comprehensive service we offer.

TBM helps you provide outstanding passenger comfort

We believe that great passenger comfort should come as standard. That’s why we have tailored a range of services to support the different train operating companies across the UK rail network.

Fleet maintenance teams need support – especially now. Having a trusted partner to handle the scheduled CET maintenance and supply and install quality sensors means that your teams can focus on other areas of the business.

Leave the rest to us.

TBM is the perfect CET partner to keep carriage washroom facilities working efficiently. They are then available to use by passengers when they need them – every journey.

If your fleet encounters any other issues, or damage to the CET tank systems or even outer casings, just ask us for further details about supporting your teams.

Get in touch to find out more about TBM’s flexible and affordable solutions for fleets across the UK. Call us on 0844 800 8577 or email enquiries@tbmrail.com