Keeping train seat covers fabric clean for train operators has been part of TBM’s portfolio of services for over a decade. Investment in new dry cleaning machinery means increased seat cover cleaning capacity .

We always look to improve what we offer. The train franchises have enough to deal with, so providing efficient services that improve the overall passenger experience helps to keep standards high.

TBM does this with a range of machinery and expertise. Of course, we support most of the UK fleets. This includes new seats and styles of material that emerge as the franchise brands evolve.

Now we have stepped up a gear. Investing in the best equipment is vital for all businesses, improving processes and ensuring that quality is always top priority.

The addition of substantial new dry cleaning machinery means that our capacity is greatly increased. Put simply, we can clean more seat covers as and when operators need them cleaned.

Cleaning seat covers during Covid

The coronavirus has changed everything – literally. Passenger numbers dropped significantly during the early part of the pandemic, but that didn’t mean that seat cleaning stopped.

If anything, cleaning passenger facilities has become more important. Crucially, what we touch and encounter concerns everyone – especially in shared public spaces.

Seats are an obvious point of contact. We all sit on them, touch the fabric, leave our coats and bags resting on the material.

Any dirt, germs or viruses can easily be passed from one passenger to another if regular cleaning and maintenance is not performed.

For the train cleaning teams, the pressure to keep services running often means that how seat covers are cleaned only addresses surface dirt.

Even jet-washing the covers merely forces debris deep into the fabric. There is no guarantee that germs are killed, and seat materials wear quickly. That means replacement costs!

Dry cleaning and protection

TBM’s increased capacity means that train seats can be cleaned and returned to service quickly.

The dry cleaning process is thorough, washing materials with safe fluids that do not damage fabrics. Germs are killed at the right temperature, and we can even add antibacterial solutions that create a lasting protective barrier.

Our proven cleaning processes get seat covers clean and help to stop the spread of viruses.

Done on a regular basis, professional cleaning gives fleet operators and their passengers increased confidence that carriage interiors not only look better but are more hygienic.

Seat cover cleaning by experts

Deploying casual staff or agency teams to clean seat covers can often mean inconsistent results. Personnel change and staff shortages can mean that facilities go uncleaned.

TBM’s team of experts offer a consistent service, delivering seat cover cleaning by professionals. We’ll help your fleet plan and schedule ongoing cleaning and maintenance to keep passenger seating in great, hygienic condition.

Everyone at our Crewe base is delighted with the new dry clean machinery. It means working practices are more efficient, turnaround is quicker and customers are even happier.

We take away the seat cover cleaning hassle. Passengers need the confidence to travel and providing the best possible carriage interiors is a step in the right direction as we all look to emerge from 2020’s challenges.

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The surprise but not totally unexpected operation and funding changes to the UK rail franchise system throws up more questions than answers but be in no doubt that the passenger experience will be judged.

Rail passenger numbers are low and that has hit fleet operators hard. Revenues are significantly down, and the government advice to work from home will mean fewer commuters into early 2021.

For those still travelling, however, it’s essential that the on board experience is positive. The old franchise system is effectively on hold, but previous progress and improved standards cannot be allowed to slip back.

Carriages and the facilities that passengers rely on must be properly maintained. Leave toilet systems idle and fail to clean seat covers and the condition of vehicles will soon worsen.

Scheduled maintenance saves money

Putting off cleaning, maintaining and servicing parts and materials is always false economy. It leads to additional complications and invariably a need to replace items.

Having to order and install replacement parts is costly. Broken CET systems, damaged seats, worn and ripped fabrics, scratched grab poles. They are not quick jobs. It means carriages out of service.

Worse still, if it’s been necessary to replace items that will mean that conditions have deteriorated to a point of no return. For passengers using those services, it will have meant a poor experience.

As fleet operators know from previous years, the twice yearly National Rail Passenger Survey pulls no punches. A poor service scores badly. Passengers have a voice and they use it.

TBM has supported operators for nearly eleven years. We are good at what we do. Our experience enables the franchises to keep carriage facilities in excellent condition, something passengers are happy to talk about when they enjoy clean seating, hygienic grab poles and working toilets.

We are currently working closely with several other companies to ensure a reduction in operating and maintenance costs. Our goal is to deliver the best possible value while keeping standards high.

Regular maintenance makes sense

In recent years, a range of new vehicles have come into service. Passengers are now experiencing some modern, high-quality travelling conditions thanks to ongoing investment in the UK railway network.

However, new stock shouldn’t mean complacency. Establishing a regular maintenance schedule from day one means that equipment and fabrics remain in great shape.

Major issues will be highlighted sooner, running fixes can be made, safety will be maintained and the overall passenger experience will be kept high.

TBM collects CET tanks, seats, batches of covers, plus we coordinate grab pole work, the replacement or maintenance of door sensors and even the servicing of recently added hand sanitiser units.

We can also hold stock items for quick swap-outs when vehicles are needed urgently.

We take the strain; your passengers get the benefits and continue enjoying a quality service.

TBM improves the passenger experience

We’ve won awards and have continued to deliver outstanding passenger comfort services for over a decade.

The team at Crewe has developed new skills and we have the latest technology to support the work we do at our Cheshire base and at customer depots up and down the country.

We offer a flexible approach, providing the support you need when trains have been taken out of service.

TBM provides a service that works best for your fleet as part of your ongoing maintenance schedules.

We’ll ensure that the passenger experience will be judged positively.

Want to know more? Get in touch with the TBM team on 0844 800 8577 or email to start the conversation.

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Floors, toilets and washrooms are all the focus of cleaning regimes, but is seat cover cleanliness taken seriously enough? We think that all seats are a priority.

As people and companies adapt to the challenges thrown up by coronavirus, everyone is assessing how they live, work and travel. How we protect ourselves from unseen attackers is now a major concern.

The coronavirus highlighted many things. It showed how vulnerable we all are to viruses that can affect people and places without warning.

Something TBM is keen to emphasise to passengers and fleet operators is the importance of regular seat cover cleaning to help in the fight against infections.

It’s no longer just about looking good; it’s about keeping staff and passengers safe.

How dirty are train seat covers?

In many cases, the seats you sit on in trains can carry more germs, bacteria and viruses than a toilet. Really!

Not every passenger uses a toilet on board, but when they do most follow simple hygiene rules. It’s the same at home; most people use a toilet cleaner, wipe down surfaces and even spray the room with disinfectant.

Seat cushions, sofas and other fabric covered chairs rarely get the same attention.

On train seats, however, the sheer volume of traffic means that the risks are high even when nightly cleaning teams clean and tidy the carriages.

Almost every passenger places a hand on the seat cover as they sit down. Many people in shorts or dresses touch the covers with their skin. People eat, sneeze and cough while they are sat in the same spot – often for an hour or more.

Sweat, grease, dirt, germs and fluids can be found all over seat fabrics when you inspect them closely. Unfortunately, these substances can be passed on from passenger to passenger.

Deep cleaning and protection

TBM offers scheduled seat cover cleaning and maintenance to fleets across the entire UK rail network. With virus concerns at the forefront of everyone’s mind, keeping covers clean and hygienic should be a priority.

Because we remove seat covers we can really get the material clean. It starts with a blast of air to remove surface dirt and dust. Individual stains and spills are dealt with by our experienced teams of cleaners. The covers are then dry cleaned in professional machines using rail industry approved solutions.

We also go a step further. In partnership with BioMaster, we now offer protective coatings for seat cover materials and carpets. This forms a barrier that repels drink spills, stops substances forming a bond on the cover’s surface, and helps to stop the spread of viruses.

When built into a regular cleaning programme fleet operators can give their passengers increased confidence with carriage interiors that are not only cleaner but more hygienic.

Scheduled seat cover cleaning

Daily and weekly cleaning teams can keep on top of one-off spills and the occasional damage to seating and carpets. Keeping them thoroughly clean and hygienic takes planning.

Leave the cleaning schedule to us. We’ve done it for most of the UK fleet operators over the last ten years.

We’ll build in a seat cover cleaning routine that suits your depot operations. We’ll receive covers at Crewe, get them inspected, assessed for damage, dry cleaned, bagged and returned when you need them.

We take away the hassle. Your fleet has clean and hygienic seat covers that give passengers the confidence to travel, because all seats are a priority!

Watch the full video that showcases our seat cover cleaning process, here:

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