CET tanks must be maintained

Covid 19 has shaken the global economy and made passengers think twice about using public transport. Hygiene is a priority, and CET tanks must be maintained to restore confidence!

Passenger numbers have been low across the summer. Even after operational services have returned to 90% of pre-Covid levels people are still cautious about using trains.

What’s the reason? Are they unsure about hygiene, cleanliness and worried about contracting coronavirus from touching doors, seats and washroom equipment?

These are concerns that affect us all. TBM has continued throughout the Covid-19 period supporting train operators to keep vehicles clean, safe and operational.

Toilets and shared washroom areas will always come under the spotlight. And they should. People need these vital facilities.

As passenger numbers do begin to rise it’s essential that fleets have working toilets for people that need them. They must also be maintained to the highest standards.

Deep cleaning toilet tanks

Toilet waste isn’t a topic anyone wants to tackle. However, it’s an everyday necessity and must be dealt with properly.

Simply emptying CET tanks isn’t enough during the current challenging times.

Aside from potential blockages, the risk of viruses lurking in the residue that stays at the bottom of tanks is all too real. The same applies inside the pipes and potentially in droplets that land on other under-carriage equipment.

TBM employs the most thorough processes for every CET tank setup.

The range of powerful cleaning machinery we invest in enables us to service CET tanks at customer depots or back at our Crewe base.

Professional CET cleaning

Exterior surfaces are degreased and power-washed before the unit is opened. Safety equipment is used by operators throughout. Tanks are blasted clean and then connected to machinery that pumps approved cleaning solutions through the system.

Seals, connectors and all pipework is also checked and disinfected. Faulty or worn parts are replaced. The whole system is tested.

Every element of the CET tank is cleaned and serviced to ensure that it’s returned to operators in first class condition.

What you get is prolonged life for CET tanks. Crucially, passengers know they will enjoy more reliable services, on board toilets are working, and those NRPS scores will rise.

Call TBM for expert CET servicing

The extended “quiet” period for trains is an opportunity to get all vehicles and their CET tanks in the best possible working condition.

It’s how fleets can give passengers every confidence that using train services is safe.

Our team of experienced technicians can visit rail depots anywhere in the UK. They assess the condition of tanks and pipes and make recommendations for the most effective cleaning and maintenance programmes to keep facilities safe and hygienic.

We offer a flexible approach, either shipping tanks to our Crewe base or taking our mobile cleaning units to maintenance facilities when trains have been taken out of service.

We provide a service that works best for your fleet as part of your ongoing maintenance schedules.

Contact TBM

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