Covid sewage tests highlight the need to clean

Recent Covid sewage tests highlight the need to clean train CET storage tanks regularly, as data shows many people with the virus are showing few or any symptoms.

TBM has pushed for more regular and structured cleaning and maintenance of toilet storage tanks for many years. Each day, we see the dangerous waste that builds up in essential passenger facilities.

With the coronavirus an ongoing major threat to health, keeping train washrooms clean, hygienic and safe is more important than ever.

With vaccines now thankfully on the horizon, it’s important that equipment is maintained to the highest standards. That must continue until we are all safe from the virus threat.

Even then, we should see thorough cleaning regimes as the new normal.

Virus transmission risks

Earlier this year, statistics released by the Office for National (ONS) revealed that 71% of people who had tested positive for coronavirus had not displayed any of the key symptoms.

This presents challenges. That means that people go about their daily lives oblivious to the fact that they could be spreading the virus.

On trains, asymptomatic people are using the toilets without knowing that they have Covid.

As the CET tanks are emptied, this poses a threat to depot staff, contract cleaning companies and potentially the public.

A government-led scheme to analyse sewage for traces of coronavirus is now up and running at around 90 treatment plants around the UK.

The findings show that fragments of virus are passing through the system – often from areas where no outbreak has been identified.

This means that asymptomatic people are unknowingly passing coronavirus on.

Testing, information and disinfection

Feedback from the surveys suggests that rolling out the analysis to more sewage treatment plants could help to identify hotspots quicker.

For TBM, there could be an opportunity to safely support this initiative. We could easily pass samples on to the appropriate agencies as we empty CET tanks.

However, our core aim remains sanitising and disinfecting CET tanks on a regular basis. Well maintained tanks have less chance of blocking or passing on infections further down the chain.

Our Crewe depot is set up to put train toilet equipment through a thorough cleaning and servicing programme. This ensures that the washroom facilities are maintained and kept working when passengers need them.

Reducing the spread of infection has become a key element of the work we do – in washrooms, for seat covers, grab poles and other areas of carriage interiors and passenger touch points.

Contact TBM for CET tank servicing

Getting rail toilet services back on track is essential, but so too is safety. TBM technicians operate safe working practices and use the latest equipment and techniques to get CET tanks clean and hygienic.

From Crewe we offer a range of cleaning, overhaul, spares management and consultancy services. This is backed up by our mobile teams that can visit client depots all over the UK.

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