Don’t leave CET tanks unattended!

Passenger numbers on trains have remained well below pre-Covid levels, so carriages have been taken out of service. However, to avoid hygiene issues it’s vital that you don’t leave CET tanks unattended!

Here’s the worst case scenario: you leave a CET tank with unattended toilet waste inside while a carriage has been parked up at a dept or trackside; guess what happens?

You might expect smells to slowly build up and creep out. Not pleasant. Fluids will eventually harden and start to block the pipes. We’ve told you this before.

Like a grim scene in a horror movie, or something from “I’m A celebrity”, what greeted staff at one of the UK operators was a bit of a shock – to say the least.


Really. Left unattended with waste that really should have been emptied, the CET tank was crawling. The stench was awful. It’s not what depot workers wanted to see, and certainly something that would horrify passengers.

A quick tank cleaning response

An infestation of maggots isn’t something to put the TBM teams off. Not pleasant, for sure, but the cleaning, emptying and sanitising systems and processes we have in place are more than a match for anything that appears inside CET tanks.

But it shouldn’t happen. Any vehicles being parked up should have tanks emptied – and cleaned to ensure that bacteria and viruses cannot flourish while vehicles are left idle.

TBM can access tanks anywhere in the UK. If there are no facilities to empty tanks at smaller or isolated depots, we have bowser tanks to take fluids away for safe disposal.

The cleaning fluids we use to wash through tanks and pipework removes build-ups and stops germs and viruses from taking hold.

It certainly stops an invasion of maggots!

Regular maintenance avoids health & safety concerns

It’s not acceptable letting tanks deteriorate to a state where something like maggots can flourish. It wasn’t intended, but it cannot be allowed to happen.

There are enough negative stories associated with the railways following the outbreak of coronavirus, the last thing the industry needs is further negative press because of other hygiene horrors.

Getting scheduled maintenance programmes in place is essential.

TBM can support train fleet operators from our Crewe base or around the country at any depot. We have a range of professional cleaning machinery that is compatible with all toilet storage tanks.

Our service is an affordable and cost-effective solution to keep passenger facilities working when they are needed. It helps you offer travellers clean and hygienic washrooms.

For information about any of TBM’s services, please call 0844 800 8577 or email