Fleets can shine when services ramp up

UK trains services were reduced further at the start of 2021 due to Covid-19 affecting demand, but the enforced downtime of rail vehicles means that fleets can shine when services do ramp up!

TBM has supported operators throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and far from reducing the services offered while passenger numbers are down we’re encouraging fleet managers to get stuck into maintenance projects that will prepare vehicles when lockdown eases.

The experienced TBM team of frontline workers has continued to complete cleaning, repairs and maintenance at our Crewe depot. We have also carried on working safely alongside customers at sites around the UK.

SANITISING – In fact, sanitising and disinfection fogging have become two of the vital services that we offer. This has helped to keep train carriages, lorry cabs and NHS and care staff vehicles clean, hygienic and safe.

The hi-tech equipment and safe solutions have also been taken out to offices, depots, shops and schools as we look to support all areas of our community.

These efforts have made vehicles and workspaces safe to carry on with other essential tasks.

Cleaning and hygiene for fleets

The cuts to rail services announced in January hit the headlines. It sounded dramatic and implied that UK rail was struggling to keep running.

Far from it. The industry has reacted well, keeping trains running and looking at ways of keeping passengers safe when they travel.

TBM has been at the heart of this.

SEATS – We continue to deep-clean seat covers and then add protection that keeps spills, bacteria and viruses at bay. With vehicles withdrawn from service we have been able to thoroughly check fabrics and seat foams, swapping out and upgrading stock where necessary.

GRAB POLES – we all need them to hang on, support ourselves and help us up from seats. We coat them in tough Nylon R-Ag+ that resists scratches, outlasts other materials and has antimicrobial additives to help stop the spread of diseases.

CET TANKS – using toilets during the coronavirus pandemic has really hit the headlines. Nobody wants to touch unsafe surfaces or use dirty and unhygienic facilities. Our tank emptying and overhaul services keep systems clean and operational.

Talk to TBM now!

TBM has the experience required to tackle any cleaning and maintenance projects.

The work we do saves money in the long run. It keeps carriage spaces looking good so that passengers can return with confidence.

We are on hand to react quickly when you need us, and we also enjoy getting involved in larger refurbishment projects that look to incorporate latest technologies and new materials.

Alongside several trusted partners we can help you project manage carriage work that ensures your customers will enjoy the best possible passenger comfort.

Don’t let current pressures allow essential maintenance and cleaning to be side-tracked. When staff are stretched, you need a partner that can help you keep train carriages looking great – ready for every journey.

Get in touch to find out more about TBM’s flexible and affordable solutions for fleets across the UK. Call us on 0844 800 8577 or email enquiries@tbmrail.com