How TBM has supported businesses over the last few months has changed rapidly. From trains, buses and lorries, we now help schools, offices and shops disinfect large areas using fogging technology.

Cleaning, servicing and protecting has always been at the heart of TBM’s business. With schools, shops and offices starting to reopen there’s a need to keep shared facilities hygienic and free from bacteria and viruses.

The safe cleaning solutions that we have used for some time to support transport operators are perfect to keep children, teachers, office staff, shop workers and customers safe.

At TBM, it’s meant increasing our range of cleaning tools, fogging machines and vehicles to quickly move equipment to sites where it’s needed.

Regular disinfection services

For schools, teachers, children and parents, there are many things to consider. Shared spaces, shared equipment and large numbers of people coming and going. Surfaces and learning materials are touched and used throughout every day.

This presents challenges that would test any team of cleaning and maintenance staff. When you throw new virus-related challenges into the mix, it means more time and resources to keep things clean, hygienic and safe.

TBM’s disinfection fogging service provides a quick, efficient and affordable way to sanitise all surfaces in a short space of time. The safe and approved solution dries within half an hour and areas are ready to use.

Even in locations where food is prepared or eaten, the fine mist we use is non-hazardous. There is no residue and it is fragrance free. This means that existing staff can concentrate on other issues knowing that they are starting with a clean and hygienic base.

Schools need to reopen safely

One of TBM’s latest challenges was to get Weaver Primary School in Nantwich, Cheshire, ready for increased pupil numbers.

Head teacher Gill Price was delighted to get the facilities sanitised. She said: “The images of the team in protective suits disinfecting the school look very surreal. However, we are thankful that TBM could come in at relatively short notice.

“The school staff have reported that they feel safer knowing that TBM has been in and cleaned the school hygienically.”

Neil Smith, TBM Director, added: “I have children at school and college in Cheshire. It’s impossible not worrying whether they are safe and if they will pick up an infection.

“Extending our cleaning and disinfection services to schools and offices means that we can play a part in keeping people as safe as possible as lockdown is eased.”

For schools, the fogging system can be used weekly or monthly to keep on top of things. It will give parents and staff peace of mind.

Part of the Covid-19 response

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic we have all been encouraged to clean our hands regularly and keep a safe (ideally 2m) distance from others.

Schools, shops and offices can also add hand sanitiser dispensers (also supplied by TBM), install Perspex barriers and coat surfaces with antimicrobial additives to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. With a range of trusted industry partners, TBM is positioned to offer all these services.

Using TBM’s disinfection fogging machines is part of the response. It helps businesses get up-and-running, and then keep premises free from viruses. The solutions we use protect surfaces for up to 30 days.

Get in touch to find out more about TBM’s flexible and affordable disinfection solutions for transport fleets, schools, offices and shops. Call us on 0844 800 8577 or email