Crewe-based TBM Rail has shown confidence in future European trade agreements by establishing strong links with German electronics manufacturer Captron.

The partnership will see TBM Rail representing Captron in the UK market, offering precision made electronic products to the UK transport fleet operators of trains and buses.

Located in Bavaria, Captron develops and produces innovative solutions that enhance human-machine interaction.

This includes door access sensor switches, optical sensors and LED signalling units for navigational purposes along corridors and carriages.

This specialist range of capacitive and optical sensors will help TBM Rail offer benefits to both new-build and refurbishment projects for road and rail vehicles.

TBM Rail already partners numerous other companies that focus on improving the travelling experience for passengers.

Neil Smith, TBM Rail director, said: “Working with Captron will allow us to supply the best sensor solutions to the UK transport sector.

“The products are manufactured to the highest specification, and they test them to destruction. I visited the factory and saw components set on fire, crushed and deep-fried – and they still work!

“Whatever happens in the Brexit negotiations it is essential that we work closely with our European partners, as the transport industry is linked on so many levels.”

A Captron spokesman said: “We are looking forward to a successful co-operation with TBM Rail to connect our products and the expertise from TBM Rail to the local rail industry.

“TBM Rail combines an in-depth knowledge and experience of the rail sector with a drive and commitment to supplying high quality products and an exemplary level of service.”

Working with most of the country’s fleet operators, TBM Rail provides seat cleaning services, toilet and tank overhauls, power charge points and powder coating solutions for grab rails and grab handles.

Located on Crewe’s Marshfield Bank Employment Park, TBM Rail has ambitious plans for expansion and is actively looking for larger premises.

The company has recently linked with South Cheshire College as it searches for another business administration apprentice to help deal with its growing client portfolio.