The green light for HS2, momentum for Northern Powerhouse Rail and the arrival of Crossrail represent a bold new era for the UK’s railways and improved levels of passenger comfort.

That trio of major infrastructure programmes serves the country well on so many levels. It’s the kind of investment in people and places the country needs as we enter the next phase of Brexit.

It puts the railway network on a par with the world’s best, adds values across the supply chain and gives travellers more reasons than ever to let the train take the strain, as some marketing agency famously put it.

What those schemes also offer is extensive expansion across the labyrinth of lines that criss-cross the four corners of the United Kingdom.

The Conservative government has kick-started 2020 with a zest for green transport. In addition to signing off HS2 and making serious noises about NPR (or HS3 as it has also been labelled), a modest £500m budget has been set aside to investigate reopening some of the lines closed in the 1960s.

Great news for passengers, construction firms, train builders and service and support companies like TBM.

New carriages to increase capacity

Talk of 250mph trains has been something of a distraction. The real benefits will be increased capacity options, new tracks and signals, plus more passenger carriages.

Introducing new carriages means the latest technology and refined facilities for paying customers. For operators it’s a great opportunity to stay on top of passenger comfort from day one.

It’s where TBM can help. Schedule toilet tank cleaning every few months. That stops the build up of solids that can block pipes. Ultimately, it means that carriage toilets are available more often when people need to use them. Another tick in the NRPS box.

Seating should also be considered, not only keeping covers clean and hygienic, but coating them with protection that prolongs fabric life and reduces daily cleaning requirements. That means longer-term cost savings.

Crucially, to support jobs and promote skills, we think keeping a British supply chain to provide products and services that support the build and maintenance contracts is important.

Old vehicles have a role

Railway rolling stock is built to last. They just need some TLC. With the arrival of new carriages across the network there are options to redeploy older units.
It’s never too late to refurbish carriages, and being able to strip back often means giving these vehicles a whole new life.

Grab poles, handles and dado panels can be replaced – this time with tough nylon coatings that we supply with BioMaster antimicrobial additives. This helps to stop the spread of germs.

In fact, TBM offers a whole range of hygiene services, from testing existing surfaces to flushing through water storage tanks to keep supplies fresh and safe.
If you need advice about keeping passenger facilities looking good and hygienic, give us a call.

TBM offers a range of cleaning, overhaul, spares management and consultancy services to UK train operators across the network. We do this from our Cheshire base or with our mobile units that visit client depots.

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