The focus for every train operator in the coming years is improving journeys for customers. TBM is at the forefront of that drive, offering cost-effective passenger comfort solutions for UK franchises.

The experienced team at Crewe and our growing number of mobile units have supported rail companies in all four corners of the country for over a decade.

In fact, some of our customers and partner companies are spread across mainland Europe. We have even supplied solutions to a train operator in Australia!

With so much focus on rail services, capacity, reliability and ticket prices, the UK rail franchises have increasingly turned to TBM to help them raise on-board standards for passengers.

We now offer scheduled maintenance, ad-hoc servicing and one-off project support for a growing range of requirements.

Rail services for fleets

Anything that affects the passenger journey is our business. That means the seats people sit on, the grab poles they hold, door access buttons they push, washrooms and the all-important toilet facilities.

Passengers pay good money to use the rail network. They not only expect trains to run on time, they expect to enjoy their journeys in comfort.

Our teams use train services every week. For meetings, attending conferences, and contract work at many of the operators’ depots that are dotted around the network.

We hop on services to Manchester, Birmingham, London and Scotland. Let’s face it, from or central Crewe base we’re perfectly located.

What that means is that we see first hand what passengers see. That could be facilities for daily business commuters, or off-peak and weekend leisure travellers.

Apart from the ticket price paid, perhaps getting you some more leg room, a coffee and some table space, the core services should be of a high standard whatever journey you make.

The TBM rail offer

TBM evolved from the ashes of British Rail. Some of the team served apprenticeships, a few worked with the companies that emerged across subsequent years, others were engineers in supporting industries.

Put simply, we have bags of experience, knowledge and talent to keep standards high and provide the resources needed to deliver outstanding passenger solutions.

Our seat cover services mean that operators can keep seats looking good, clean and hygienic. They can also prolong the life of fabrics.

We now partner companies like Fiber ProTector to coat seating fabrics and carpets with protective solutions after we have cleaned them. That means materials look great, and resist unsightly spills, while offering longer-term savings and better use of resources.

Toilets, including the mechanisms, connecting equipment and storage tanks have been a huge part of our business since 2010. We clean, overhaul and service train toilets systems, and empty tanks to help UK operators keep their toilets working.

How passengers access carriages, compartments and toilets is very important. The door sensor switches must be reliable. With another trusted partner, CAPTRON, we supply access technology that works whatever is thrown at it. Believe us, it’s almost indestructible.

When you add nylon coatings with antimicrobial additives that stop the spread of germs, quality washroom equipment and hygiene testing kits to maintain the highest health and safety standards, we have train operators covered.

Delivering great passenger comfort should be standard. When staff and budgets are stretched, you need a partner that can help you keep train carriages looking great – every journey.

Get in touch to find out more about TBM’s flexible and affordable solutions for fleets across the UK. Call us on 0844 800 8577 or email