All storage tanks need to be cleaned and maintained, but fuel tanks, in particular, are vital to the smooth running of trains. TBM offers the complete service to UK rail fleets.

TBM has been flushing CET systems for many years now, for numerous operators around the UK. We have an extensive fleet of tank cleaning systems, support vehicles and a fully-trained team of operators.

Our work servicing, emptying and cleaning tanks now extends to train fuel tanks. They, like toilet tanks, are prone to blockages that can seriously affect the performance of the unit.

Our thorough service and maintenance options help to keep tanks functioning properly.

Benefits of scheduled fuel tank cleaning

Toilet storage tanks and fuel tanks contain very different substances, as you can imagine! Both systems are heavily used and both can become blocked. They can be hazardous.

Where fuel is concerned, sludge contains contaminants that can be dangerous to people’s health. When the public is involved, and of course train operatives and depot maintenance workers, this needs to be carefully managed.

Sludge can also be responsible for corrosion inside the oil tank. Without regular inspections and corrective measures, leaks can pose a risk of fire and potentially lead to pollution of the environment.

Moving around the fuel loop, sludge can also clog oil pipes, the filter nozzles and safety valves. The end result can be expensive refits and trains out of service. That impacts passengers.

Fuel tanks looking like new

Appearance isn’t everything, but well-maintained tanks give people confidence. You know they have been looked after, serviced properly and kept in good repair.

TBM has supported train operators for over ten years. Tanks have been serviced and overhauled at our Crewe depot and around the country to suit the needs of fleet operators.

Our teams of specialists can repair any corrosion and fully repaint the tanks after cleaning. The result: tanks are returned looking like new.

Crucially, we’re good at what we do. Our skilled staff have the right equipment, the safety gear and the experience to tackle any job.

Your staff and customers get storage tanks that are fully maintained, clean and functional.

For details about our free assessment service and how we can support your depots with scheduled tank maintenance, get in touch.

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