TBM offers door sensor switches from CAPTRON for bus and train fleets. The Bavarian technology is built to withstand the toughest conditions and is perfect for demanding transport environments.

Getting on and off public transport should not be a battle. When you push the button the door should open, or close. That keeps passengers moving and services on schedule.

For several years TBM has supplied CAPTRON’s robust equipment to UK transport operators. Put simply, their sensor switches offer unconditional reliability, durability, comfort and stylish design.

Crucially, they keep on working. Every time!

Why are CAPTRON switches the best?

Modern rail and bus vehicles demand the best technology. Systems cannot fail. Passenger safety is of paramount importance. Just a few minutes lost because of technical issues or passengers struggling with doors can have serious knock-on effects.

CAPTRON sensors and switches can be relied upon. Built to be wear-free and maintenance-free electronics, they also have an impressively robust and vandal-proof design.

TBM has tested the equipment and also taken many of the products to customers for full trials. We’re happy to say the CAPTRON gear does exactly what it claims.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

If you want to see exactly what CAPTRON’s tough and resilient sensor switches offer then watch the following video. Whatever you do, don’t try it at home or in your workshop.

The following clip was done in controlled conditions by skilled operators. It’s genuine parts, in a real fryer. The CAPTRON team doesn’t mess about. Watch the clip HERE.

We love their style! The bottom line is that these door sensors keep on working. The 100% water-and oil-proof construction resists even the most harsh environmental conditions, and of course dirt, dust and chemical spills.

You can mount them on doors, panels and even glass surfaces. Like to know more about CAPTRON products supplied by TBM? Get in touch and we’ll arrange a demo to showcase the value this equipment offers your fleet.

Once installed it lasts, and lasts. Call 0844 800 8577 or email enquiries@tbmrail.com