TBM’s new Fibre ProTector solution has been a revelation at the Crewe depot. We have been testing it and protecting every fabric surface we can find. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

We’re well known for helping train fleets keep seat covers clean. We’ve been doing it for over a decade – and you probably saw The TBM 10-year celebrations in September, balloons, cakes and all.

The team at Crewe often reflects on the vast number of seat covers that we clean, repair and replace. Since 2009, the running total is now more that 400,000 covers that have been cleaned and returned to service for train operators.

That kind of pedigree means we’re doing something right. Customers love what we do, the quality service we deliver, the pricing and quick turnaround.

When we clean those covers, it involves assessing damage and spillages, removing excess dirt, brushing and blasting particles clear, before dry-cleaning them in our specialist machines, checking for quality and then packing.

Getting more from fabrics

For some time we have wondered how we could offer our customers more. When we discovered Fibre ProTector, we loved the idea of prolonging the life of materials – and being able to prevent messy stains.

And let’s face it, every mode of transport, most business workshops and offices encounter spills most weeks!

So the testing began.

We started with a range of seat fabrics that we have cleaned for several years. We threw coffee, tea, juice, wine and fizzy pop at them.

Then some bright spark in the office suggested testing the new solution on the TBM welcome mat. That’s all well and good, but we’re talking about a cream-coloured mat with our logo on it. That’s another issue – whoever ordered that colour!

Still, after some training and testing, every piece of seat covering, carpet and mat survived whatever we chucked at them. Even the cream welcome mat!

Fiber ProTector adds an invisible coating to individual fibres. It creates a breathable barrier that stops fluids and dirt particles penetrating materials without changing look or feel.

Rail partnerships mean cost savings

We think working closely with other experts is important. It’s enables you to work with tried and tested products that are effective. That’s why we have partnered Fiber ProTector Norge AS to offer UK rail fleets a solution that gets results and saves money.

When professionally applied, the product offers an effective shield against oil and water-based stains. Daily cleaning is more effective, and the solution gives an environmentally friendly way to remove spills using only warm water and a microfiber cloth.

Ultimately, this adds years to the life to seating and floor coverings.

We all look to keep costs down. We all want to cut out waste, protect the environment and offer our customers the best possible services.

Talk to us about extending the life of seat fabrics, coverings, carpets and more. Chances are, we’ve tested it back at the TBM depot!

Get in touch with the team for a demo and pricing: call 0844 800 8577 or email enquiries@tbmrail.com