Operators should aim high in 2021

Most of 2020 has been a huge challenge for businesses across the world, but transport and rail services have been hit particularly hard. Operators should aim high in 2021 and raise standards further.

What a year! As if there were not enough challenges hitting targets, keeping services running smoothly and maintaining passenger comfort, Covid 19 has knocked the industry sideways.

While nobody could have predicted the coronavirus pandemic, there are many products and services emerging to help deal with similar outbreaks. TBM is focused on offering train fleet operators the best possible options to help get passengers using services in their numbers again.

For us, it’s now about getting operators to embrace the quick, efficient and affordable services we offer that will have knock-on benefits for passengers who are desperate for clean and hygienic train journeys to resume.

Cleaning and maintenance are key

Go back 30 or 40 years and you might hear people reminiscing about how trains used to be. Delayed, crowed, dirty, outdated – and that’s before we get onto the old British Rail sandwiches!

Seriously, whatever you think about the current UK rail set-up there have been many improvements over recent decades. There has been incredible investment in vehicles, track and buildings. Some would say that the catering has also gone up a few notches.

At TBM, with vast rail and transport experience across a skilled and dedicated management and workforce, we have developed services that enhance the travelling experience.

Put simply, we specialise in passenger comfort.

That means keeping trains clean so that all passengers can step on board with confidence. While they are travelling they should be able to access equipment and facilities safely.

The more proactive operators have realised that scheduled cleaning and maintenance pays dividends, prevents unnecessary closures and costly refits.

Seat cover cleaning

The first thing you see when you enter a train is the seats. Services are often busy, but when you can get a seat you want it to be in good condition and clean.

We go a step further. We deep clean seat covers to ensure all debris, dirt and bacteria are removed. It’s a thorough dry-cleaning process using the latest technology. We remove covers, take them to our Crewe base, get them cleaned, wrapped, packed and returned within a couple of days.

We even hold stocks of replacement covers to help operators keep seats in service.

Considering this year’s Covid experience, we can also add antimicrobial additives to the surface of covers. This repels dirt and spill and forms a protective barrier to help stop the transmission of viruses.

Touchpoints must be kept clean

When you enter a train or move down the carriages it’s inevitable that you need to hold rails and seat backs.

TBM partners a range of providers and manufacturers so that we can offer outstanding carriage and washroom facilities that are safe, clean and hygienic.

We coat grab poles and handles in Nylon R-Ag+ that is proven to stop the transmission of germs and viruses. Those nasties just can’t stick effectively to the surfaces.

During 2020, TBM successfully delivered a grab poles and handles refurbishment project with Bombardier for a fleet of class 220 vehicles.

The innovative coating makes a great addition to any daily cleaning regimes to keep staff and customers safe.

Toilets that work when passenger need them

Any services that last more than half an hour really should have washroom facilities that work. Is there anything worse than finding a train toilet locked out, blocked or in a mess?

We empty CET storage tanks and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned with rail industry approved fluids. It’s a complex process involving skilled operators and powerful machinery.

Our cleaning and maintenance procedures for toilet storage tanks means that facilities can stay open longer – when passengers need them.

We also offer the latest sensor technology to monitor tank levels. This gives us and onboard maintenance teams visibility of tank conditions. We can react quicker when cleaning and emptying is required.

Contact TBM for 2021 cleaning options

Now is the perfect time to plan and get train carriages to the highest standards. Passenger numbers will increase when the Covid situation is brought under control, but operators must do more to gain the public’s confidence.

In a fast-changing industry, UK train operators should aim high in 2021.

We operate from our Crewe base or at fleet depots around the country.

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