CET Tank Overhauls

What a year it’s been! From Brexit to coronavirus, the rail industry has been tested to the max. One thing for sure, after 10 years we’re still here helping fleet operators deliver better services for passengers.

No crystal ball could have predicted what would happen in 2020. It’s been a challenge, to say the least. But as the saying goes: when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Support UK operators

What we’d like to shout about is that TBM is as strong as ever. Even during recent challenging conditions, we continued to support rail depots around the UK.

Services have been cut and vehicles have been parked up for months. Now is a great time to get systems serviced, tanks overhauled and refreshed, seat covers deep cleaned and protected, and carriages disinfected to reassure staff and passengers.

Here’s a reminder of what TBM offers:

Fleet services for rail operators

Anything that affects the passenger journey is our business. That means adding new fixtures and fittings in washrooms or inside the carriages, keeping things clean, hygienic and working efficiently.

Seat covers

We have excelled in getting train and bus seat covers thoroughly clean for a decade. We have cleaned over 400,000 covers for UK fleets. We return them to operators hygienic and looking fresh. That means removing surface dirt, carefully dry cleaning them, and protecting the material with approved solutions that can help to prolong the life of the covers to save money in the long term. If you haven’t seen it, check out our explainer video HERE.

CET tanks

Whether it’s an urgent requirement to restore a train CET tank to working order or part of a scheduled maintenance plan, TBM’s professional cleaning machinery and skilled teams stop sedimentation, the build-up of limescale, nasty smells and toxic gases. Toilets are available for use when needed by passengers. TBM offers a 7-day turnaround comprehensive overhaul service for WC tanks on all carriage types. Early this year we made the following video to showcase our CET work, HERE.

Grab poles

Recent events have highlighted how important it is to keep shared surfaces and equipment free from bacteria. We offer grab pole and grab handle refurbishments with tough nylon coatings that give enhanced wear, abrasion and impact resistance for trains, buses and trams. They also incorporate antimicrobial additives that stop the spread of germs. Passengers can hang on with confidence!

Door sensors

We all want essential equipment to work first time, every time. That’s exactly what happens with the door sensor switches we supply to transport operators. Whether it’s for a new fleet or a refurbishment programme, our sensor technology lasts for upwards of 100,000,000 cycles before failure. Tough for busy passenger environments, it’s built to last. The sleek fittings are easy to use, they look smart and are vandal proof. In fact, they are almost indestructible.

Hygiene & Disinfecting

Keeping passengers and staff safe now and across the next months and even years is a priority for all companies. We’ve adapted our hygiene testing services to include an efficient disinfection fogging system. This means we can cover all surfaces within trains, buses, offices and other confined spaces with a fine sanitising mist that kills bacteria and viruses. We also offer an innovative temperature scanner with screen to assess staff and visitors to your premises.

Rail passenger comfort specialists

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged everyone and will for some time to come. TBM is set up to help fleets keep passenger comfort top of the agenda, with services that keep essential services available and working when they are needed.

Delivering the highest standards should be everyone’s goal. The travelling public deserves that. We are the partner you need to keep train carriages looking first class.

Contact TBM

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