TBM sanitising spray machine

The UK railways have been operating a reduced timetable, but vehicles still need to be maintained. In fact, TBM has been busier than ever with safe working practices to support key workers.

With so many aspects of working life have been affected in early 2020, and TBM has looked to new ways of protecting staff and customers with an enhanced range of passenger comfort services.

Making sure that TBM could support customers was high priority when news broke about the Covid-19 pandemic. However, protecting staff and facilities was equally important.

As soon as the coronavirus hit, we knew that protecting those around us was essential if we were to play a part in the UK supply chain, moving people and freight around the country.

Adapting to new ways of working

TBM has operated a flexible business for over a decade. While many tasks are performed at the Crewe HQ, we have partners, technicians and depot teams moving around the country every day.

To coordinate that we already have tracking systems and account management software in place to to be flexible, mobile and easily accessed by multiple authorised personnel. They need to do this wherever they are working.

For some of the TBM team it was a simple case of taking a laptop home. Like businesses everywhere, we listened to government advice from day one. Why clog the roads and risk spreading infection unnecessarily?

Our team already makes use of WhatsApp groups so they can stay in touch securely. We have also used Zoom, Skype and other video connectivity services. Whatever it takes to communicate effectively with staff and customers, we do it.

Hygiene begins at home (or the depot)

For TBM, that means getting the office, workshops and vehicles properly sanitised. Luckily, we’ve got sanitising solutions and wipes aplenty. We also have testing kits to see how clean our surfaces are.

We have kept the recommended two metres apart when unloading consignments of seat covers, cleaning CET tanks and getting the vans ready to visit fleet operators’ depots.

It has been a cracking team effort, communicating the latest news and advice, installing new hand sanitising points, distributing extra pairs of gloves, masks and any other PPE that helps us to continue supporting front line transport companies.

Because many of our vehicles have been out cleaning carriages, lorries and containers, to keep staff extra safe we have deployed our own sanitising regime.

If a van or low-loader has been out to a customer depot, on its return we clean it – inside and out. The fogging machine ensures that all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. We use a solution that also creates a protective barrier, but to be doubly safe we are still performing the routine regularly.

What it means is staff can use the vehicles with confidence. They know that we have made every effort to remove germs and bacteria. They are safer, and so too are our customers when we visit their sites.

TBM has been tested to the max. Keeping our staff, the company vehicles and several storage areas clean and safe has been a significant challenge, but we’re on top of the hygiene so we can continue supporting customers who need our expertise.

Supporting UK key workers

Ultimately, it’s about being available and giving outstanding customer service to frontline people who have helped to keep Great Britain moving. We’re part of that keyworking collective, operating from the Crewe depot, at our homes and on the road to support fleets around the country.

Being able to cross over and help other areas of society has been a real bonus, including local businesses and several regional food distributors who needed driver cabs sanitising.

It’s been a hectic and stressful time for all, but very rewarding being part of the national effort.

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