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Keeping train seat covers fabric clean for train operators has been part of TBM’s portfolio of services for over a decade. Investment in new dry cleaning machinery means increased seat cover cleaning capacity .

We always look to improve what we offer. The train franchises have enough to deal with, so providing efficient services that improve the overall passenger experience helps to keep standards high.

TBM does this with a range of machinery and expertise. Of course, we support most of the UK fleets. This includes new seats and styles of material that emerge as the franchise brands evolve.

Now we have stepped up a gear. Investing in the best equipment is vital for all businesses, improving processes and ensuring that quality is always top priority.

The addition of substantial new dry cleaning machinery means that our capacity is greatly increased. Put simply, we can clean more seat covers as and when operators need them cleaned.

Cleaning seat covers during Covid

The coronavirus has changed everything – literally. Passenger numbers dropped significantly during the early part of the pandemic, but that didn’t mean that seat cleaning stopped.

If anything, cleaning passenger facilities has become more important. Crucially, what we touch and encounter concerns everyone – especially in shared public spaces.

Seats are an obvious point of contact. We all sit on them, touch the fabric, leave our coats and bags resting on the material.

Any dirt, germs or viruses can easily be passed from one passenger to another if regular cleaning and maintenance is not performed.

For the train cleaning teams, the pressure to keep services running often means that how seat covers are cleaned only addresses surface dirt.

Even jet-washing the covers merely forces debris deep into the fabric. There is no guarantee that germs are killed, and seat materials wear quickly. That means replacement costs!

Dry cleaning and protection

TBM’s increased capacity means that train seats can be cleaned and returned to service quickly.

The dry cleaning process is thorough, washing materials with safe fluids that do not damage fabrics. Germs are killed at the right temperature, and we can even add antibacterial solutions that create a lasting protective barrier.

Our proven cleaning processes get seat covers clean and help to stop the spread of viruses.

Done on a regular basis, professional cleaning gives fleet operators and their passengers increased confidence that carriage interiors not only look better but are more hygienic.

Seat cover cleaning by experts

Deploying casual staff or agency teams to clean seat covers can often mean inconsistent results. Personnel change and staff shortages can mean that facilities go uncleaned.

TBM’s team of experts offer a consistent service, delivering seat cover cleaning by professionals. We’ll help your fleet plan and schedule ongoing cleaning and maintenance to keep passenger seating in great, hygienic condition.

Everyone at our Crewe base is delighted with the new dry clean machinery. It means working practices are more efficient, turnaround is quicker and customers are even happier.

We take away the seat cover cleaning hassle. Passengers need the confidence to travel and providing the best possible carriage interiors is a step in the right direction as we all look to emerge from 2020’s challenges.

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