Sensors keep CET tanks flowing

Vehicles taken out of service and parked up at depots, plus pressure on already busy maintenance staff makes is hard to keep train toilet tanks serviced, but sensors keep CET tanks flowing.

It’s a dilemma for all fleet operators – getting that staff, equipment and maintenance balance just right!

We’d all love to have surplus resources so that juggling passenger demand with available vehicles was straightforward. Railway life would be easy.

As we all know, things do not work out like that. When everything seems to be running smoothly, something crops up and you find it impossible to respond immediately to resolve the issue.

This invariably happens with train toilet storage tanks.

Ideally, they should be regularly emptied, flushed through and checked out for performance issues and obviously hygiene levels.

That one month when tanks are forgotten and vehicles parked up temporarily, that’s when you can hit problems.

A tank has been left too full, pipework is starting to block and there are no facilities free to get things sorted.

It’s the kind of situation we regularly encounter at rail depots around the UK when fleets need our help.

Avoid CET tank blockages with sensors!

Something that the whole Coronavirus experience has highlighted is that idle carriages can store up a range of problems.

Services have been cut while passenger numbers are down. However, it’s vital that washroom facilities are available when vehicles are put back into service.

Moreover, cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority.

TBM supplies and installs a range of hi-tech sensors that can monitor and control toilet storage tanks and the associated pipe systems. The tough stainless steel housings are robust. They are reliable and capable of working in the most challenging environments.

With sensors in place, it’s possible for onsite teams to measure real-time tank levels. Not just when systems and tanks get full and begin to block!

The advance warning enables depot staff to respond appropriately or to notify TBM so that the affected tanks can be emptied and serviced.

The sensors are not only fitted to new vehicles. They can be retrofitted to existing CET systems to help avoid costly replacements of damaged tanks and other washroom equipment.

These reliable sensors mean that train washroom facilities are available more often – something that the paying public will reflect in the annual passenger surveys they complete.

TBM – passenger comfort specialists

Everyone at TBM believes that great passenger comfort should come as standard. We have been delivering excellence for over a decade.

Our services support train operating companies across the UK rail network. Having a partner you can trust – especially for scheduled CET maintenance – means that existing staff can focus on other areas of the business.

With the addition of sensor technology we can now help fleets take CET monitoring and maintenance to new levels.

Do you need support?

If your fleet encounters any other issues, or damage to the CET tank systems or even outer casings, just ask us for further details about supporting your teams.

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