Since COVID, the demand for increased comfort, hygiene and safety levels from passengers has rightly gone up. Hand in hand with that, the juggle of managing multiple service providers for maintenance, repair and overhaul work is increasingly becoming a more complex task for rail operators.

Why? Because it’s time-consuming, not easy to cost-control or plan for when carried out on an ad-hoc basis, there are more compliance and insurance requirements now, and some areas of routine (but crucial!) maintenance easily get forgotten about – causing further problems in the long run.

When the end goal for all operators is to keep passenger services running efficiently and safely, especially as we emerge from a global pandemic, provision of high quality maintenance and repair services that operators can rely on and manage easily is essential.

At TBM we have over a decade of experience supporting train and bus operators throughout the UK, with the mission to achieve outstanding levels of comfort for all passengers. This is a bridge that crosses hygiene, health and safety, the provision of pleasant & comfortable interiors, and facilities that are in good working order.

However, we have also gained valuable insight into the logistical and cost-related issues faced by operators when juggling multiple service providers. Using different providers for different types of servicing, repair and overhaul has become a logistical nightmare. Plus it’s actually a very inefficient way of keeping trains on the track.

In response to the issues outlined above, it has been our aim to streamline all servicing in relation to passenger comfort so we can provide rail operators with an end-to-end call-out, maintenance, servicing, repair & spares provision across all passenger touch-points. We see ourselves as passenger comfort specialists.

Effectively we act as the middle-man between the operator and specialist service providers, so you don’t have to manage unnecessary logistics or costs.

For routine maintenance, we create bespoke service plans for our operators, resulting in fewer emergency call-outs and no areas of repair left forgotten.

So, how does this work?

We have used our extensive experience and connections within the transport industry to establish collaborations with reputable partners that we (and more importantly you) can rely on to deliver an unrivalled specialist service.

To cover all requirements in relation to train washroom facilities, we have recently partnered with RITS – Rail Installations & Technical Services Ltd. They are the only UK business dedicated to the repair and servicing of train toilet units including toilets, toilet cubicles and toilet doors, and they have over 30 years of experience.

In collaboration with RITS, we can offer a 24 hour emergency call-out service for toilet repairs (with a 12 hour max. response time), along with a comprehensive range of scheduled maintenance options to keep your train toilet units operating at peak efficiency.

Each call-out van is fully equipped with a wide range of essential spare parts to overcome all typical failures and also has both new and refurbished Evac Compact toilet units on board.

In partnership with RITS, we can service and repair all types of train toilet compartments, including:

  • UATs & Compacts
  • PCC – Eco+
  • PCC – Grande
  • Transcal Eclipse
  • Bombardier Alte

RITS carry an extensive stock of spare parts for repairs for vac toilet units, evac compact units, (both with a 12 month warranty) toilet compartment spares including soap dispensers & hand soap, control modules and complete doors.

RITS also have a product development arm to the business for bespoke modifications and operational improvements.

RITS also cover the South West and Wales regarding CET Flushing for TBM.

Everyone at TBM believes that great passenger comfort should come as standard, and one of the main ways of achieving this is streamlining maintenance & repair processes so they are easier to manage.

Do you want to streamline your maintenance and repair work?

Call the team to find out more about TBM’s flexible and affordable solutions for fleets across the UK. If you have any enquiries contact us at 0844 800 8577 or our email

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