Covid 19 has shaken the global economy and made passengers think twice about using public transport. Hygiene is a priority, and CET tanks must be maintained to restore confidence!

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TBM’s range of powerful cleaning machinery means we can service CET tanks and freshwater tanks at customer depots or in Crewe.

Recent investment at TBM has seen the range of high-tech machinery increase considerably. Also, training of skilled staff is ongoing to keep our experienced teams ready for every challenge.

Keeping storage tanks in good working order makes sense. Ultimately, it’s about providing the best possible facilities for passengers. That, in turn, reflects well on the train operator.

Twice each year, the National Rail Passenger Survey gives the public chance to deliver a verdict on the operators across the UK network. Although train times and ticket pricing dominates the conversation, increasingly carriage standards matter.

TBM gives train operators the means to deliver cleanliness, hygiene and efficiency so that paying customers have access to the facilities they need.

Properly maintaining train toilets, the pipes and operating systems helps to keep these vital services open. TBM has ten years’ experience supporting TOCs to keep standards high.

Don’t risk freshwater safety

Each day, train passengers expect to enjoy safe and hygienic services. That’s certainly true when they use buffet facilities and washrooms. Those water sources come from tanks that can be exposed to bacteria.

We stop germs in their tracks.

To help operators, TBM runs tank cleaning services specifically designed for freshwater sources. These storage units need to be flushed through, cleaned with safe and approved solutions. This stops bacteria spreading and prevents Legionnaires.

Engaging TBM’s comprehensive cleaning and testing service can form part of any fleet’s strategy to keep its facilities free from disease and safe to use.

Maintain tanks from the start

Toilet tanks that are left unattended for years will always fail at some point. Unwanted build-ups eventually block pipes and clog up tanks. Simply flushing through with water at depots doesn’t resolve things. Tanks remain unusable.

TBM’s heavy-duty cleaning machinery and approved solutions can remedy the situation, but tanks are taken out of service while they are cleaned. This can be avoided.

The most proactive fleet operators schedule tank maintenance when new trains are introduced to service. This isn’t over the top. Regular cleans keep tanks and associated systems in excellent working order.

The same is true for freshwater systems – keep standards high from day one of service.

The result: the life of tanks is prolonged, passengers enjoy more reliable services and those NRPS scores make better reading.

TBM’s team of technicians can visit rail depots anywhere in the UK. We assess the condition of tanks and pipes, make recommendations and offer the best cleaning and maintenance schedule to move things forward.

We offer a flexible approach, either shipping tanks to our Crewe base or taking our mobile cleaning units to maintenance facilities when trains have been taken out of service.

We provide a service that works best for your fleet.

Want to know more? Get in touch with the TBM team on 0844 800 8577 or email to start the conversation.