TBM has grown steadily since 2010 to offer a diverse range of products and services to the UK Rail sector. The arrival of consultant Phil Brown will enable us to explore many new opportunities.

Phil joins the TBM team and brings with him 30 years’ experience of automotive and rail. Phil has extensive knowledge of seating systems. This crosses over perfectly with TBM’s involvement with carriage interiors and seating for trains, trams and buses.

He has also worked with key manufacturers, selling light rail vehicles, with time also spent helping to roll out vehicles across to the growing UK tram network.

Neil Smith and Phil Brown at TBM in Crewe

Promoting UK manufacturing

Passionate about UK manufacturing, Phil hopes that many of the country’s fleet operators will utilise the existing and potential expertise of firms that can support the development, refurbishment and servicing of products used in rail vehicles.

He said: “Like many growing SMEs, getting to see fleet managers regularly can be a challenge for service providers like TBM. One of my objectives is to start conversations and open doors to new opportunities.

“There is a chance to build new relationships across the railway industry as we all adapt to the changes brought on by the coronavirus.

“I will be working hard to develop conversations with the industry trade associations, getting through red tape and making connections possible. That’s somewhere I feel comfortable having held senior roles within influential trade organisations.

“TBM has so much to offer and it’s my goal to ensure that all UK rail fleets are aware of the services available to improve passenger comfort.”

Promoting TBM’s offering

As more high-specification rolling stock arrives in the UK, giving passengers better quality facilities, there is a great opportunity for smaller UK operators to offer support and maintenance services.

In recent years there has been a focus on mainland Europe and Asia for replacement parts and refurbishment materials when carriages and equipment have needed overhauling.

TBM has worked with numerous UK fleets to refit carriage interiors, washroom, and install power and USB charge points. The experienced staff can offer much more than simply supply and installation of parts. They get involved in the coordination of whole projects.

Neil Smith, TBM Director, added: “For some time we have hoped to see a shift back to UK manufacturing and supply of rail parts. There’s a need to change the mindset that everything can be imported from the cheapest supplier.

“We have shown many times that using quality, trusted suppliers and maintaining equipment properly can lead to longer term cost savings. There’s also much less disruption for passengers. Vehicles and equipment are kept in service when they are needed.

“The arrival of Phil will hopefully enable us to get this message out there. Ideally, we’ll see a shift back to UK designed and built parts and machinery. That will be great for jobs and the economy.

Overcoming challenges

Phil said: “This year has been a real challenge for all operators. Even Transport for London has needed a rescue package, and we’d like to develop our working relationships with their teams.

“TBM has so much to offer as we already work in and around London with many of the mainline fleet operators.

“OEMs need to be ready for the challenges ahead. I’d like to see TBM at the front of the queue.”

For information about any of TBM’s services, please call 0844 800 8577 or email enquiries@tbmrail.com