The complete CET tank service

Keeping train toilets operational is vital for passenger comfort. TBM provides the complete CET tank service to maintain availability, promote good hygiene and save longer-term repair and refit costs.

TBM has over a decade of experience servicing different CET units for UK fleet operators. Different locations, different parts, different systems. We tackle them all.

Over the years our team has grown. As such, we’ve added the latest cleaning and overhaul equipment. Ongoing training and learning has been part of the journey.

Crucially, we are set up to deliver flexible CET tank services. We do this at our Crewe depot in Cheshire, or at client locations around the country.

How are CET tanks cleaned and serviced?

It starts with the degrease. Tanks are exposed to the elements, so we kick-start the cleaning process by stripping back outer dirt and grease. We jet-wash the complete unit in a safe outdoor area.

Usually, the tanks have been emptied of their contents, but once opened further powerful hot wash jets remove some of the remaining loose debris.

Then it’s the industry approved cleaning solutions. We pass these fluids through the tanks at higher temperatures for 30 minutes. This removes those build-ups that line the tanks and pipe work and cover the float sensors.

However, leave them and you risk blockages and disease in the future.

Our skills technicians assess components, replace parts if required and test the electrics and valves. With the basics covered, they then put the whole system through its paces with further checks. This ensures that units are returned to fleets working as they should.

One final touch is the paintwork. It’s cosmetic, yes, but part of our process is a coat of protective paint to make the whole CET assembly look almost as good as new and resistant to rust.

Watch how train toilet tanks are cleaned

For the complete picture, check out this informative 2-minute video HERE.  This shows the CET cleaning process from start to finish.

Because most toilet tanks are mounted beneath carriages, there is inevitably occasional damage from track ballast.

If there is any damage to the CET tank outer casing, we also offer repair and refit options. This returns protective outer casings to their original state. Just ask for further details.

The best CET partner

We believe that outstanding passenger comfort should come as standard. That’s why we have tailored a range of services to support the different train operating companies across the UK rail network.

Maintenance staff have enough to deal with each day as different challenges arise. Having a trusted partner to handle the scheduled CET maintenance and other ad-hoc requirements linked to toilet systems means that your staff can focus on other areas of the business.

Leave the rest to us.

TBM is the perfect CET partner to keep carriage washroom facilities working efficiently – so they are available to use by passengers every journey.

Get in touch to find out more about TBM’s flexible and affordable solutions for fleets across the UK. Call us on 0844 800 8577 or email