What a year 2020 has been, especially for train operating companies and their passengers. Almost zero service back in early April, a reduced schedule and then a return to action but with everyone wearing masks. Just don’t forget the toilet tanks!

As people regain confidence in public transport the need for all services and facilities to be up-and-running and available will grow.

Something many people will overlook is fully functioning train toilet systems. They were fine before lockdown, so they’ll be good to go when carriages start to carry more passengers, won’t they?

No. Some of those CET tanks have stood idle for several months. Parked up at depot sidings, there has been fluid in pipes and storage tanks, seals have not been tested and there’s been hot weather that has encouraged bacteria.

As well as risking the chance of toilet and system failure, there’s the possibility that facilities will not be hygienic for passengers. In the current climate, that’s not a risk worth taking!

Staying safe in the coronavirus era

It’s still a strange thing to say, and for many even harder to comprehend that for the foreseeable future businesses and the public will have to deal with the Covid-19 fallout.

Passengers must be able to travel in safety and comfort, so a recent report from scientists at the University of Stirling that indicates that coronavirus could spread via sewage is alarming.

For fleet operators this is a major concern. Emptying CET tanks daily is a logistical nightmare, and probably impossible. However, regular, scheduled maintenance can help to keep systems running properly and free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

A complete service from TBM

TBM flushes systems through with industry approved solutions so that all areas of the tank and associated pipework is cleaned. It’s a quick but effective process, either at our Crewe base or at client depots.

The university research compared the recent pandemic to findings that emerged after the SARS-CoV-1 outbreak. The virus was detected in sewage from two hospitals in China after the outbreak.

They added that the structural makeup of COVID-19 made it possible that the virus could stay viable in sewage systems for up to fourteen days if not tackled appropriately.

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Getting rail services back on track is essential, but so too is passenger comfort and safety.

We offer a range of cleaning, overhaul, spares management and consultancy services to UK train operators across the network.

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