TBM Passenger Comfort and Hygiene for fleet operators

The Covid-19 pandemic has focused minds and convinced everyone connected with the railways that passenger comfort and safety should be top priority. Carriage hygiene from TBM is driving change.

TBM has always been involved in improving, enhancing and transforming the experience of rail, bus and tram passengers.

We have serviced CET toilet systems to ensure they are available when needed. Skilled teams have installed USB and power sockets to carriages. Seats have been cleaned, and tough grab poles and handles have ensured that facilities stay looking good.

Now we’re at the forefront of the ongoing response to the coronavirus. How we live, work and travel had to change. It had to be come safer – and certainly more hygienic.

The virus took us all by surprise, and TBM is now working with fleets across the UK network to ensure that conditions are clean and that germs, bacteria and viruses are kept at bay.

New train carriage hygiene features

Train carriages are by nature small and confined spaces. At peak times, a lot of bodies fill a limited area. Handles, rails, surfaces, door buttons and washroom facilities are all touched thousands of times each journey.

TBM is working hard to change that.

You can’t reinvent the wheel, but how we use carriages can and should evolve. The coronavirus is a wake-up call and we must guard against similar outbreaks in the future. That means making carriages safe and hygienic now!

We’ve got you covered

The moment you step into a carriage you should feel safe. We have robust hand sanitising units that can be installed by carriage doors. Just as you do in pubs and shops, keeping hands clean should be possible when you enter the train.

The units can match other carriage fittings, they are easy to refill (that’s good for the environment) and it means that passengers begin their journey with confidence.

The grab poles and rails you hold are also covered. As well as being coated in tough nylon, the materials we use also contain antimicrobial additives. This helps to stop the spread of viruses. You can hang on with confidence.

TBM is a respected seat cover cleaner, and we also coat fabrics with safe, industry-approved solutions that kills germs and protect both material and passengers from spills and the spread of viruses.

Walk through the carriages or enter the washroom and you can now do that without having to push buttons or turn handles. Door sensors give easy access and stop unnecessary contact with equipment.

Watch our informative animation that takes you through the process:

We are proud to be leading the transformation of passenger facilities as we emerge from the challenging Covid era. We should never let our guard down.

Carriage new builds or refurbishments

TBM works with train builders and fleet operators at all stages of carriage life span. From new-build planning to complete refurbishment of older passenger facilities, we have the experience and resources to support your project teams.

Where your time is precious, or engineers and technicians are deployed elsewhere, we also offer complete management and consultancy services to help you deliver on time and on budget.

Operating from our fully equipped Crewe base in Cheshire, we also have multiple specialist mobile units that enable us to visit client depots all over the UK to complete work.

Watch other TBM clips about cleaning, maintenance, hygiene and more HERE.

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